Wednesday, August 04, 2010

9 years being a Neiner...

Happy 9th Anniversary to US!!!!!

Here's how we have celebrated our anniversaries of past:

The BIG DAY, (2001): we spent our honeymoon in the Grand Cayman Islands. It was glorious.

Year 1, (2002): at our friends Dean & Katelyn Setzler's wedding. spent the weekend in Boston.

Year 2, (2003): went up to Shelbourne Falls for a short getaway. Ate at a rustic restaurant and walked the town.

Year 3, (2004): packed a gourmet picnic to eat on the highest point in MA, Mt. Greylock.

Year 4, (2005): now that we had a baby in the mix, our anniversary came upon us and were caught by surprise. So we improvised and had a gift exchange by splitting up at the mall, each with the same amount of money, and secretly bought each other a gift. Then we went to Starbucks for coffee and the exchange. This one was so very fun.

Year 5, (2006): we were at Doug & Crystal's wedding, whom we share our anniversary with.

Year 6, (2007): we went to a steakhouse for dinner, which after 3 bites had to pack up our meal to get to a mezzo soprano performance at the Colonial which we were almost late to.

Year 7, (2008): I actually can't remember exactly what we did this year...but I think my parents were visiting and we all went to Maine: Bangor, Bar Harbor, Old Orchard Beach.

Year 8, (2009): Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I was VERY pregnant with Caiden, but we were complete beach bums. It was perfect.

Year 9, (2010): Looks like tonight the elder Neiner's are bringing happy meals for the boys so John & I can go wander down North Street and find a bite to eat. Nothing too fancy. Just time alone, hand in hand, with my very own *him.* ~check out this fun project of unusual signs posted down North street.


{B} said...

how fun--those signs are so cool!

HAPPY ANNI to you! happy 9 mrs 9er;-)

Erin Neiner said...

thank you, mrs. bray9. :)

Charity Burkett said...

Happy Anniversary! I didn't know our anniversaries were so close! Hope you enjoyed your day. We pretty much did the same thing you guys did:) Sometimes it just nice to enjoy a peaceful dinner with adult conversations without any interruptions.

jeileenbaylor said...

Happy 9 Years! So appropriate for the Neiners ;)

kellyH said...
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kellyH said...

happy anniversary. you'll have to plan the "Big one" for #10!! hope you had a special date, sounds delightful.

Stephanie (Wolynes) Steinbart said...

This list is a fabulous idea!! I am totally stealing it, so check for an update!

Anonymous said...
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