Sunday, August 29, 2010

HURRY! Only 2 days left!

Postcards I've received:::

New York City

Tennessee (2)


Piha, New Zealand

Want to join in? It's not too late! You have 2 MORE DAYS to get a lil' ol' postcard in the mail! Now how easy is that?!

***please don't forget to include YOUR address on the postcard somewhere!

[other notations of life:]
went to one of the longest running fairs.
watched a demolition derby.
cheered for the demolition derby.
enjoyed the demolition derby.
went to our neighborhoods 1st block party.
enjoying the last days of summer weather.
super-duper busy finishing up school planning.
enjoying this quiet moment. (John took 2 big boys to the lake. Almost-not-a-baby-anymore is still napping.)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My Little Idea: I have a slight weakness for postcards, and we have started a sweet little collection of them. Some from my sis-in-law + her hubby's summer travels in Europe, one from Oxford from my dad's visit, we sent one to the boys during our anniversary getaway to Maine last year, etc. etc. etc. I think postcards are the greatest little thing because it combines a picture and a personal note in one handy little card.


SO, here is my great idea:

::for the rest of the month of August, I am opening the geographical doors. I would love to get a sprinkling...or flood, of postcards from around the country, or even world! But I need your help! I intend on using it as an exciting little geography project with my boys (note: ages 6, 3.5, 11mo.) to launch into our first "official" year of homeschooling.

::here are the rules, plain and simple. If you send me a postcard from your area (or wherever you're visiting) with a little note on it, postmarked in August 2010 (*don't forget to add your address!), I will drop one of these ferris wheel postcards in the mail for you with a little note and a sweet hello or maybe even a drawing from a little one. I would love to learn something fun with each postcard like what you love about your area, what you do in the summer, something unique about your location, what your area grows, what is your favorite little place to eat, something famous about your area, something beautiful, something weird, etc. etc. etc. Anything your little heart desires.

Here is a sneak peak at the postcard, front & back:
(*note, all images are copyrighted. please be kind, don't steal!)

Postcard stamps cost only 28c and postcards can be found sprinkled around town or you can even make your own! I think it would be great fun to add lots of new postcards to our little collection! Want to join in on the fun? Just look BELOW to get my little nests' address, drop one in the mail and wait for your postcard in return! And maybe you'll also find out how addicting postcard exchanges can be (though, I've never done one before. hee. hee.) *I should note there are limited quantities.

p.s. this may or may not be announcing an etsy shop, but it may or may not indicate that there are thoughts afar off heading in that direction and our life may or may not be at the right spot to start something like that but we may or may not have already chosen a name.......just saying.

Until then.........................................

*please, don't forget to put your return address on your postcard
or I'll have a really hard time finding you!

::first thing in the morning::

SO, let's get down to business.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the really.quick.giveaway. And for your scary height stories which gave me the heebie-jeebies!

And........the lucky winner....who will be receiving a pack of

M = Mary Ann!!!

(cards represent commenters names, either first or last. they were shuffled and this was the one to end up on top. no significance intended to the corresponding animal!) :)

Congratulations, Mary Ann!!!!!
Please email me your address so I can get those right out to you!!! ENJOY!


Busy morning at the garden::::::::but check back later for the special, exciting launch of "the project" ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

every little thing

Yesterday, I had jury duty.

The usual dreaded by everyone-sit in a stuffy room-watch the news for 3 hours-doing your American duty-duty. But yesterday was different. See, I was called for jury duty last September, but I was a very pregnant near 9 months and needed an ultra sound that morning, so I showed up with my little form and was dismissed. So, here came full circle my make up date, which at the time seemed like an eternity away. Now this time, I was rather excited about this service I was asked to do. There was a new sense of pride in explaining to the boys what exactly I would be doing and all they could ask was, "Is that where the real judge is? And are there bad guys there?" And so the story goes, show up at 8am, thank you honey for watching the kiddos, my bag full of articles and planner organizing things to do. And, what do you know, I sit in the near empty room next to the talker. In a very good way. He seemed to be in his 60's, and somehow we got to talk about gardening. He said very humbly that he does some gardening. Well, with some more conversation I found out that he DOES SOME SERIOUS GARDENING. And, that we were practically neighbors and I knew right where his house was! He talked about how he was in the kitchen all day making 30-some quarts of salsa because he has some 300+ tomato plants throughout his yard. Well, our wonderful green thumb chat was cut short by being directed up stairs, where we walked in two straight lines like we were out of Madeline. Into the court room we went...all the while wondering what was going to happen. I was getting more and more excited just to be able to tell the boys I saw the judge. After some more information and questions, they call the jury. ERIN NEINER, #5, please step forward. That's me!!! So up I go...third one to be seated. They call 4 more and then the lawyers are conversing with the judge. The clerk turns and says, Erin Neiner, #5, you may step down. The officer kindly cautions me to watch my step and tells me that I am free to go. (But do I have to) is what I wanted to ask. But I dare not speak out of order. I tell you, there is a sense of the strictest order in the presence of a judge. So out I go, flashing a "good luck" smile to my new friend who was waiting to find out if he were next. Later that evening, we are on our way home and I am telling the story to John. Then I say, Hey, I know right where his house is. Wanna drive by and see if he is out? So we do. And as we are pulling out of the driveway because there is no sign of him, open goes his front door with the smiling friend coming out and waving. A new connection. A new friend. He invites us out for a tour of his yard which results in mouthfuls and armfuls and hatfuls of at least 9 varieties of tomatoes that he has started and grown from seed, the largest blackberries I have ever seen and lots of gardening wisdom. Oh, and a sweet peek and his '06 shiny blue corvette in his garage! So, all that to say, is watch out. You just never know when you'll make a new friend!

p.s. Please DON'T FORGET to comment on the previous post for today is the last day of the POSTCARD GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

up & away + another giveaway

I have been waiting and waiting for this.
I have been wanting and wanting to do this.
And finally, I have all my ducks in a row.

Well, it is really for YOU.

First off, I have a GIVEAWAY to hold. My 1st giveaway was so much fun and I am even more excited about this one!

When we visited my family back in June, we had such a wonderful time. We did fantastic things and made super special memories, this being one of them. The ferris wheel on Navy Pier. Now, some of us in this family are not afraid of heights. But others, well, let's face it, are not fans of the matter. So when we walked along the great Navy Pier in Chicago and the huge ferris wheel encompassed the skyline, my oldest son (6yrs.) swooned with amazement and the first thing out of his mouth was "I wanna go on that!" So, naturally, we bought the 2 tickets, headed toward the line, and I smiled sheepishly at my husband as I handed him the tickets and let him go on in line with Drew. Naturally. Because, after all, I needed to watch the baby. And Jack. And keep my sister and mom company. And, after all, John is the rock climber. You know, those huge sky scraping rocks. I like to keep my feet planted.

So, thus, came the birth of a great photo op. I watched them soar into the air and lost track of them about half way up the 150 foot wheel. And, later there was a chosen picture + my husband's knack at photoshop and illustrator + my constant idea-ing which resulted in this postcard:

[ F R O N T ]:

[ B A C K ]:

And, that brings us round to the giveaway. This time, I want to hear your scary or non-scary (but probably scary to me) height story, whether or not you mind heights, what the highest thing you've been on this summer, etc. Just leave it in the comment section and you enter to win
5 of these postcards
(+ 5 postcard stamps).

It doesn't have to be eloquent or completely award winning. But I bet my boys will get a kick out of them.

[a l l. p a c k e d. &. r e a d y. t o. g o]

*winner announced WED. AUG 18th. (my sister's birthday!)
Just a couple of short days!!!

*WAIT*......*WAIT*.....*WAIT*.....there's more. Don't go yet!

Be sure to check back on wednesday. Not only will I be announcing the winner, but I will also be launching a VERY EXCITING PROJECT!!! You won't want to miss it!

[signing off. I have jury duty tomorrow and plan to get lots done in the waiting room]

Thursday, August 05, 2010

9 things I want to remember on our 9th anni.....

We did have a delightful time together, as always.
SO, in the spirit of *9* and in reminiscing, I am decided to list 9 special little tid-bits I want to remember about our 9th anniversary:

1. John came home from work early.

2. I ran out w. the boys to the grocery store so he could take a quick ZZZZZ. (thus is the reality of life)

3. I was totally not ready when the *sitter-Gparents* came over...

4. even though they brought happy meals for the boys.

5. we decided to eat at Mad Jack's, a new southern BBQ in town. it was yummy.

6.after we ate, we went across the street to the artist storefront where the current displayed artist is the guy who drew characters such as spongebob, teenage mutant ninja turtles, and calvin and hobbes.

7. then we walked to the local bookstore. I bought this children's book. signed copy.

8. proceded down the street and stopped in Newberry's where I got raspberry sorbet and John got 2 mini eclairs.

9. ran into Barnes & Noble looking for this book, but to no avail. returned home to Grandparents needing to rush out the door because they just got a phone call from their other son across town, saying his very pregnant wife needs to go to the hospital. please come over. but all that, to no avail. no Livie, yet.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

9 years being a Neiner...

Happy 9th Anniversary to US!!!!!

Here's how we have celebrated our anniversaries of past:

The BIG DAY, (2001): we spent our honeymoon in the Grand Cayman Islands. It was glorious.

Year 1, (2002): at our friends Dean & Katelyn Setzler's wedding. spent the weekend in Boston.

Year 2, (2003): went up to Shelbourne Falls for a short getaway. Ate at a rustic restaurant and walked the town.

Year 3, (2004): packed a gourmet picnic to eat on the highest point in MA, Mt. Greylock.

Year 4, (2005): now that we had a baby in the mix, our anniversary came upon us and were caught by surprise. So we improvised and had a gift exchange by splitting up at the mall, each with the same amount of money, and secretly bought each other a gift. Then we went to Starbucks for coffee and the exchange. This one was so very fun.

Year 5, (2006): we were at Doug & Crystal's wedding, whom we share our anniversary with.

Year 6, (2007): we went to a steakhouse for dinner, which after 3 bites had to pack up our meal to get to a mezzo soprano performance at the Colonial which we were almost late to.

Year 7, (2008): I actually can't remember exactly what we did this year...but I think my parents were visiting and we all went to Maine: Bangor, Bar Harbor, Old Orchard Beach.

Year 8, (2009): Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I was VERY pregnant with Caiden, but we were complete beach bums. It was perfect.

Year 9, (2010): Looks like tonight the elder Neiner's are bringing happy meals for the boys so John & I can go wander down North Street and find a bite to eat. Nothing too fancy. Just time alone, hand in hand, with my very own *him.* ~check out this fun project of unusual signs posted down North street.