Sunday, July 25, 2010


The mind of my oldest is quite............mechanical. Unlike me.
So it is always fun to see him put his creative juices into play time and come out with a new idea. I love to watch kids play when their imaginations are unleashed...the possibilities are endless.

I've learned, through my children, that many times solutions come from great curiosity, not being afraid to ask questions, trying again & again, and looking at things from a different angle.

[Drew: Lego Spy Car]

p.s. I am quite convinced that all boys come with built-in sound effects!

p.p.s. Has your household been bit by the silly bands revolution yet? I held off as long as possible, but it was inevitable. I am collecting yellow ones, if you wanted to send some my way! ;)


Carrie said...

yes my boys received each a bracelet at a VBS from friends. Then we found some glow in the dark ones while we were at the NJ boardwalk.

Tricia @Hodgepodge said...

I love the sound effects! Definitely boys are born with built in sound effects. I agree! Yes... silly bands. But we found through another blog some learning activities to do with them - sort by color, by shape, etc. :)

Thanks for your comment on Homeschool Highlights. I love thinking about a stuffed animal owl named Bill!

{B} said...

well, boo, I couldn't get the video to play. user error, i'm sure of it;-)

i'll be back to try again......
but just wanted to say that it's been one ca-razy week here but i wanted to say how much i appreciated the etsy message and am SO EXCITED for the future additions to etsy;-)

you rock;-)