Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Bit Of CATCH-UP, part 1

This is going to be a bit random, but I am finding out if I wait for the right moment to blog, it may never get done. So here are some miscellaneous pictures from this past month of our every day this&that: happy little (matching) family

the BOYS

pioneer drew

cool jack

BLACKBERRIES in our yard

____ a random hail storm_____

________misc. jack @ 9 months:

2 pearly whites on the bottom

my little helper

fresh out of the bath

my little surfer

sitting tall

_____playtime with daddy_____

...which always results in fun & excitement!!

[this time being a tepee made out of Tinkertoys]

__________at church_________

(wow~a picture without the kids~)

Cody's 1st Sunday

(doesn't Crystal look AWESOME for just having a baby!!)

The 3 Neiner Boy Cousins!

[watch out, girls!!]

Monday, July 23, 2007

Garden Tour ~ Summer 2007

"Today you are granted access to specially chosen concealed city gardens, Pittsfield's hidden heart" reads the first page of my paper "passport." Last Sat. we joined, once again, the annual Garden Tour. You receive a passport that maps out 8 different gardens across town for a self-guided & leisurly (something not typically in my vocab) tour. Each garden holds a special flavor of its own, reflecting the handiwork that transformed an ordinary yard into an enchanted dwelling place, as well as the artistic nature & vast details of our Great Creator.
The 3 Garden Gals:
Meredith & Sissy Hamilton, myself

My Lovely Lady's Hat

A Cascading Window Box

A really cool shot Meredith took. You would not believe how long it took us to finally capture this! The gardner had these little mirror circles hanging from her bushes & we caught my reflection with Meredith's amazing camera (& photography skills)

"The House with the Swing"
This backyard was like a true haven! She said they come out here in the evening, throw something delicious on the grill and enjoy the rest of their day relaxing.
I could have stayed there the rest of the day!

a sweet little birdhouse...

...occupied by a sweet little birdie.

a picturesque pond that ran along their property

and a grand old tree...

that I had to climb!
"If Anne [of Green Gables] can ride a horse in a skirt, then you can certainly climb a tree in one!!!"

Meredith posing...really just trying NOT to fall off!

And the highlight of our day, THE SWING!
This swing was too tempting to not try! So we all got a "swing" at it & thankfully we all stayed dry!

Meredith was our pioneer!

It's all or nothing at this point!!

they call me JANE!

and we even got Sissy to give it a try!

SHAKER VILLAGE chosing the RIGHT path!


sweet stone path

vibrant annuals: sweet potato plant (green) & impatients(pinks)

this was one serious vegetable garden!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

QUIZ TIME: can you guess the flower???





6.[see comments in a couple of days for answers]

C H I L L I N '

after a wonderful day of touring some fabulous gardens around town!