Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My Little Idea: I have a slight weakness for postcards, and we have started a sweet little collection of them. Some from my sis-in-law + her hubby's summer travels in Europe, one from Oxford from my dad's visit, we sent one to the boys during our anniversary getaway to Maine last year, etc. etc. etc. I think postcards are the greatest little thing because it combines a picture and a personal note in one handy little card.


SO, here is my great idea:

::for the rest of the month of August, I am opening the geographical doors. I would love to get a sprinkling...or flood, of postcards from around the country, or even world! But I need your help! I intend on using it as an exciting little geography project with my boys (note: ages 6, 3.5, 11mo.) to launch into our first "official" year of homeschooling.

::here are the rules, plain and simple. If you send me a postcard from your area (or wherever you're visiting) with a little note on it, postmarked in August 2010 (*don't forget to add your address!), I will drop one of these ferris wheel postcards in the mail for you with a little note and a sweet hello or maybe even a drawing from a little one. I would love to learn something fun with each postcard like what you love about your area, what you do in the summer, something unique about your location, what your area grows, what is your favorite little place to eat, something famous about your area, something beautiful, something weird, etc. etc. etc. Anything your little heart desires.

Here is a sneak peak at the postcard, front & back:
(*note, all images are copyrighted. please be kind, don't steal!)

Postcard stamps cost only 28c and postcards can be found sprinkled around town or you can even make your own! I think it would be great fun to add lots of new postcards to our little collection! Want to join in on the fun? Just look BELOW to get my little nests' address, drop one in the mail and wait for your postcard in return! And maybe you'll also find out how addicting postcard exchanges can be (though, I've never done one before. hee. hee.) *I should note there are limited quantities.

p.s. this may or may not be announcing an etsy shop, but it may or may not indicate that there are thoughts afar off heading in that direction and our life may or may not be at the right spot to start something like that but we may or may not have already chosen a name.......just saying.

Until then.........................................

*please, don't forget to put your return address on your postcard
or I'll have a really hard time finding you!


Chastity Gomez said...

Planning on picking up a postcard from Colorado to mail to you soon! It will be from my little Ella Bella and Elijah since they are stuck at home while the twins are at school:)GREAT idea!

Richele said...

I love it and hope you don't mind a postcard from right around the corner.

I loved looking through my grandparents' postcard box so we started a box for the boys this last year. Our furthest away came from Japan.

As always, a smashing idea from the Neiners!

Andrea said...

Erin this is such a great idea! I will try to find the perfect NYC postcard and mail to you!

Erin Neiner said...

Richele::: YOU KNOW we'd LOVE one from down the road!!!! :)

CO & NYC...bring it on! ;)

Tammy S. said...

LOVE your postcard and I love the idea!

Josh Healy said...

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Ben and Carissa said...

On the hunt for a great postcard tomorrow! Such a fun idea, Erin!!