Thursday, August 05, 2010

9 things I want to remember on our 9th anni.....

We did have a delightful time together, as always.
SO, in the spirit of *9* and in reminiscing, I am decided to list 9 special little tid-bits I want to remember about our 9th anniversary:

1. John came home from work early.

2. I ran out w. the boys to the grocery store so he could take a quick ZZZZZ. (thus is the reality of life)

3. I was totally not ready when the *sitter-Gparents* came over...

4. even though they brought happy meals for the boys.

5. we decided to eat at Mad Jack's, a new southern BBQ in town. it was yummy.

6.after we ate, we went across the street to the artist storefront where the current displayed artist is the guy who drew characters such as spongebob, teenage mutant ninja turtles, and calvin and hobbes.

7. then we walked to the local bookstore. I bought this children's book. signed copy.

8. proceded down the street and stopped in Newberry's where I got raspberry sorbet and John got 2 mini eclairs.

9. ran into Barnes & Noble looking for this book, but to no avail. returned home to Grandparents needing to rush out the door because they just got a phone call from their other son across town, saying his very pregnant wife needs to go to the hospital. please come over. but all that, to no avail. no Livie, yet.

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Stephanie (Wolynes) Steinbart said...

How wonderfully fun!! Happy belated anniversary! 9 whole years...wait until next year -- a totally different feeling when you hit the big 10!! Love to you both!