Sunday, August 15, 2010

up & away + another giveaway

I have been waiting and waiting for this.
I have been wanting and wanting to do this.
And finally, I have all my ducks in a row.

Well, it is really for YOU.

First off, I have a GIVEAWAY to hold. My 1st giveaway was so much fun and I am even more excited about this one!

When we visited my family back in June, we had such a wonderful time. We did fantastic things and made super special memories, this being one of them. The ferris wheel on Navy Pier. Now, some of us in this family are not afraid of heights. But others, well, let's face it, are not fans of the matter. So when we walked along the great Navy Pier in Chicago and the huge ferris wheel encompassed the skyline, my oldest son (6yrs.) swooned with amazement and the first thing out of his mouth was "I wanna go on that!" So, naturally, we bought the 2 tickets, headed toward the line, and I smiled sheepishly at my husband as I handed him the tickets and let him go on in line with Drew. Naturally. Because, after all, I needed to watch the baby. And Jack. And keep my sister and mom company. And, after all, John is the rock climber. You know, those huge sky scraping rocks. I like to keep my feet planted.

So, thus, came the birth of a great photo op. I watched them soar into the air and lost track of them about half way up the 150 foot wheel. And, later there was a chosen picture + my husband's knack at photoshop and illustrator + my constant idea-ing which resulted in this postcard:

[ F R O N T ]:

[ B A C K ]:

And, that brings us round to the giveaway. This time, I want to hear your scary or non-scary (but probably scary to me) height story, whether or not you mind heights, what the highest thing you've been on this summer, etc. Just leave it in the comment section and you enter to win
5 of these postcards
(+ 5 postcard stamps).

It doesn't have to be eloquent or completely award winning. But I bet my boys will get a kick out of them.

[a l l. p a c k e d. &. r e a d y. t o. g o]

*winner announced WED. AUG 18th. (my sister's birthday!)
Just a couple of short days!!!

*WAIT*......*WAIT*.....*WAIT*.....there's more. Don't go yet!

Be sure to check back on wednesday. Not only will I be announcing the winner, but I will also be launching a VERY EXCITING PROJECT!!! You won't want to miss it!

[signing off. I have jury duty tomorrow and plan to get lots done in the waiting room]


Mary Ann said...

I have gone on a zip line several times & the worst part is standing on the platform before you can zip away. My knees always get shaky, my hands get clammy, & if I have to talk my voice is warble-y. But the zipping part is so fun I have to make myself do it!
What a fabulous postcard you have made! Thanks for the generous giveaway. Can't wait to hear about your exciting new project!

Richele said...

What a great postcard!

I am personally fine with heights for myself but not for my children. Being married to an extreme sport-dad, I continually find myself in these situations, the top ridge of Monument Mountain being the most frequent.

It may have inspired Herman Melville but I could do without it until my guys are a bit older.

Chastity Gomez said...

LOVE the postcard! Lets see, a scary height story??? I think this summer when we stopped at Yellowstone Park and climbed over a very rickety old bridge to see a waterfall. It was at least 50 feet high and creaked every step we took. I thought we would surely plummet to our deaths that day!

Carrie said...

I am a long time lurker to your blog, and I love reading about your life! I don't know if you would remember me from Northland (I graduated in 1999) but I remember you a little, and also John and Amber. I actually went to elementary school with Amber many years ago! Anyway . . . these postcards are super cool. I am not a big fan of heights myself. Actually I do OK with being high up (like on top of a mountain) but not being on the edge, if that makes sense. :) When my sister and I were little, my dad always liked to pose us on some rocks on a mountain, too near the edge for my mom's liking, to get a cool picture. Which is probably where my fear of edges comes from. :)

Can't wait to hear what your surprise on Weds. is--I hope it's an Etsy shop with more of your and John's creations! :)

Beth said...

does the bottom of that little tag say "company9"? hmmm... ???? LOVE it! These postcards are just perfect. I'm super excited for you. I'm not trying to win this time (I just wanted to comment on your lovely creation and figure I should monopolize ALL your give-aways!) so I won't be leaving a story here. Good luck to all!

kellyH said...

the postcards are so cute! well, since I just got off an airplane, I would have to say that's the highest thing I have been on this summer. :)

{B} said...

well, I was beginning to think that my second floor apartment is truly the highest height that I've seen this summer...... and then I remembered, I took a hike to Multnomah Falls --and I'm not exactly sure how high we went up, but I'm positive it was higher than the second floor;-)

of course you know that I am excited out of my wits for you! can't wait!!!

Erin Neiner said...

Mary Ann:: thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment!! I skipped over to your blog and had a lookey! I'll def. be back!

Chas:: I think you win the scariest story. Heights + rickety bridge....YIKES!!!!

Carrie:: YES! I remember you from Northland! I think maybe we even had a class together....something in the home ec. dept. maybe? :) I did not know you went to school w. Amber...was that Lee Christian? WOW! Glad you survived! :) Thanks for commenting! I love (good) lurkers!

Everyone Else: THANKS for your kind comments! As always!!!