Thursday, November 30, 2006

The 9er Boys

OK, here's my last chance at getting the fall stuff blogged...before it hits December! Although it doesn't feel like December yet. It's been an unusually warm New England snow fall yet and today it was 60 out! But I am reminded by almost every house on our street (other than ours right now) that is decked out with Christmas lights that winter is right around the corner. And of course the Christmas music I have been playing for the last month has gotten me into the spirit. I threw all the "rules" out the window for that one a long time ago!

These pumpkin hats are made by "aunt am," John's sister. I made Drew's turkey shirt from an idea I saw in Pottery Barn Kids. Hope you all had a GREAT THANKSGIVING!!!!

[the not so happy pose]

thanksgiving contemplations

the happy turkey

[the squash]
thanks for the adorable shoes, Canon!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Mom to the Rescue!

My mom knows all about it! She birthed and reared 5 kids...yes, she knows. And not just any kids...the Quinn kids! She came out for a week to visit the grandkids and help out. It wasn't until the second day I said, "Well, the boys are both up and I'm going to go take a shower!!!" It was great! I would take a nap and wake up to a sparkling kitchen and folded laundry! While I was feeding and changing Jack, dinner would be cooking. It was like having 2 of me around!

Drew loved playing with his "Gamma Kin" and told her literally 100 times her first day, "I love you sooo much!" We had many laughs at the quirky things Drew said. My mom was also the first one to get Jack to really she did with Drew also (2.5 years ago). It was so wonderful to share this time with my mom. She sacrificed so much for us kids growing up...but one thing she didn't sacrifice was love. Thanks Mom!
gramma quinn & jack

gramma quinn & the boys

smiling jack

sweet brothers

mommy & jack

me & my boys

Jack, etc.

sweet boy

looking heavenward

Jack: 1 week old

Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Last Picture Being Pregnant

Here's the Story:

For all of you who care about the "not-so-gory" details, here they are:

I was 5 days over-due and no baby. So the plan that the dr. & I agreed on was in play. I was a week overdue with Drew when they induced me, but I had gone into labor on my own in the middle of the night. So by the time I arrived at the hospital for my scheduled time, my contractions were 5 min. apart and things just rolled right along! But when I woke up the morning of this inducement, there were no contractions, which made me a little nervous going into this one cold turkey. John & I chatted away on this car ride to the hospital and I walked in from the parking lot this time, no special drop off at the front entrance. It was a little's the time frame of how everything went down:

7:00 a.m. left for the hospital
8:00 a.m. got settled down into the delivery room & hooked up to IV and petosin.
8:10 a.m. had my first contraction
10:00 a.m. requested my epidural
10:30 a.m. got my epidural
12 noon sent John out into the hallway for the BABY IS COMING!!!
12:10 p.m. staring at my labor nurse, a medical intern & an EMT observer all telling me not to
push [the dr. was on his way] I'm should be talking to the baby people!
12:18 p.m. the dr. came running into the room & gave the ok to start pushing. [i think he was
trying to cover up his surprise at seeing the baby's head crowned]
12:23 p.m. Baby Jack was Born!!! He was 8lbs. and 20" long.

So that's how our little Jack was ushered to us! Swift and without delay! Another great blessing is that Jack latched on the first time trying and he stayed latched for a very long time. Some of you may know that we went through great "trials" with drew not latching on his own until he was 6 weeks old. We left the hospital having to feed him through a tube and just kept trying with him...which meant for very long and exausting feedings. So with great anticipation I held my breath and offered one final prayer as I waited to see how Jack would do. The Lord answered this mother's prayer and to this day I praise the Lord every time I feed him for how marvelous he eats! [and his 2 weeks appt will show for that! he gained 14oz. from his birth weight at 2 weeks! he's a little porker!]

In The Hospital

baby 1

a father's love

a tired momma

one happy family

a visit from aunt am & uncle brian

my acorn hat aunt am made

all dressed up to go home

let's get outta here!

Friday, November 03, 2006



"...the fruit of the womb is his reward." Psalm 127:3b