Wednesday, March 26, 2008

CHANGE is in the air.

[no, I'm not pregnant...]  :)

The anticipation of change and adjustments and newness is buzzing around our house this week. In 2005, John's brother came back home after graduating from college and started a graphic design studio. John has always loved the idea of being able to use something he loves to do (and is pretty stinkin' good at) to "bring home the bacon."  So this is where the two roads meet. Doug's business started picking up rapidly and John was able to help out a bit here and there with illustrations and logo design. And we were at a cross roads where Doug was needing to pick up someone full-time with the flow level of business. SO, we crunched every single number and penny and prayed a lot and talked through a ton and finally felt the Lord leading us to take this great big leap of faith. So here we are, as you can see from the countdown chart that graces our fridge, that John is finishing his last week at the Lighting Store where he has worked for the past 7 years. [side note: our purpose in coming here was to be a help in the ministry; but could not take on someone full time, thus it working out for John to work at the Lighting Store owned by a guy in our church...i.e. Ross] SO, we are very excited about all this change. And although change inevitably brings with it adjustments, we are embracing the fact that there will be many positive things coming our way as well: 

1. John will be working from home. YAY...the boys will get to see daddy more often, we'll have lunches together, our new office will be quickly broken in! 
2. John's hours will be somewhat more flexible. 
3. John will be able to use his artistic talents. 
4. John's meetings are held at Panera Bread!! (ha.ha. I told him he'd better not get sick of going to that place bc I really love it!)  
5. Time relief. John will have Saturday's free to do more with family and the ministry. He's been cramming 2 jobs together for the last several months and it takes it's toll.    

So that's the exciting news for us. God has proven himself soooo faithful to us through the past and we are anticipating the very same thing through this new adventure we are about to embark upon. 

Congratulations, honey.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

one, TWO, 3...



Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Luck O' The Irish

jack's 1st st. patty's day
WELL, ST. PATTY's DAY has come & gone and we have the leftovers of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, turnips & soda bread to prove it! It was a day that completely sneaked up on me. I didn't buy the corned beef until yesterday morning, I TOTALLY forgot to wear green and I couldn't find my Bing Crosby Irish CD. :(   BUT, for the 3 hours that the corned beef boiled and wafted it's familiar scent throughout the whole house, I was feeling sentimental about the tradition that I remember so well growing up. And Jack downed the food like he's been waiting for it all his life. It must be in our blood. Oh wait, it is!  

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


*H A P P Y* *B I R T H D A Y*
to my friend, Stephanie.
I 'm so thankful we were able to get together this past year and get to meet each other's kids! Hope you have had a wonderful day, my friend!!
the next generation of a friendship. hopefully. :)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


In need for some baby room inspiration???Did I mention this is FANTASTIC???

And it's also the nursery of my dear friend, Stephanie! Check out the baby room she and her husband designed & decorated in their own fresh, new style for their upcoming arrival. I always love to see how they pull everything together and this nursery is soooo fabulous!! Go ahead, take a peek. And leave a nice little comment to make her day! (and if your hungry for more...scroll down through her blog for a house full of eye candy!)