Friday, June 18, 2010

My 1st Giveaway...

You know all these great giveaway's around blog-world? With each submission, you hold your breath, imagining the wonderful prize hanging on your wall or sitting on your black bench or around your neck. The perfect addition to your home. to your wardrobe. to your creative archive. And you wait. and wait until the announcement. You click knowing the winner will be posted...with great anticipation that maybe, just maybe you will open that blog up and actually see YOUR NAME spelled out??? And for that fleeting moment you hold the hope and imagination of being the great-grand-prize-winner? WELL...we have been "holding our breath" for some time now concerning a wonderful challenge John was invited to be a part of.

Back in May, John was invited to participate in Crane & Co.'s Creative Challenge. This was an awesome opportunity for some of the local "creatives" to submit their design work and ideas to Crane while also getting a grand tour at Crane & Co. and get an inside perspective of what goes on behind those incredibly produced cards and invites, etc. Well, Crane & Co. is literally down the road from our house, but I would have never guessed the incredibleness (is that a word?) of all that was going on behind those closed walls. First of all, this factory has been in working order since 1844. The company dates back to 1801 and had been "green" since day 1 as they use cotton for their papers. They also have been the providers for our country's paper money from the beginning.

All that said, John came home from his tour (which was back in May:::SEE HERE) ranting & raving about this company. So, the next step was for him to submit more design work which was exciting after getting a first hand taste of their style and atmosphere. It was fun & challenging to see what he was working on, talking through each one...tweek this, add that, love that color, don't change a thing about that one! And then......we had to let it rest. It was done. There were many creatives also competing in this challenge, many of whom have been doing this type of thing for a long, long time.

And then, the day came. The email entered into John's inbox and was going to proclaim the winner of the challenge. It would either be a "thank you for your ideas....but..." type of response, or a desired "YOU ARE THE WINNER." Now, back to my blog-post giveaway writings. I neglected to mention that I have been quite avid in submitting my name to recent giveaways...only to be most disappointed...along with all the others...other than that one lucky chosen #. And that is truly ok. The chances are always against you in something like that, right!? And I tend to believe that the person that *really* needed it it. But this would be such a boost and help at this point in our lives. And so, like I said, the email came....and what do you know? It was plain and simple, yet so very clear:

Dear John,

Congratulations! You have been selected as the winner of the Berkshire Creative Challenge with Crane & Co.!

As the winner you will have the opportunity to develop a line of stationery products on a work-for-hire basis by Crane & Co.

...etc. etc. etc.

And here is what the site said:

On May 7, 2010, the thirteen selected participants toured Crane’s facilities in both Dalton and North Adams, and the Crane Museum to learn more about the company’s unique creative needs and production capabilities. (Click here to see pictures!)

“Crane & Co. really pulled out all the stops for the challenge participants”, said Helena Fruscio director of Berkshire Creative. “The participants saw every aspect of the product and production and got the real insiders tour of why Crane & Co. are leaders in their field. It was a great opportunity for all involved.”

Twelve of the 13 participants later submitted designs for review, and John Neiner of Pixel Graphic Design Studio of Pittsfield, was selected as the Creative Challenge winner.

“John stood out to everyone on the review committee. His work was impressive, organized, and imaginative,” said Megan Kuntze, Crane & Co.’s Brand Director, “We are looking forward to working with John on future creative assignments.”

As the winner, Neiner now has the opportunity to produce a stationery collection for Crane & Co.

SO, there you have it! Along with some of the greatest GREATS out there, John's work may indeed be it's new neighbor. And for fun, here are some of my favorites on Crane & Co.'s current site:

kate spade, posters of NY

vintage bookplates

This was such a timely blessing and super exciting opportunity as there are also many changes going on over at Pixel Graphics Design Studio as Doug has been offered a new web position (though still holding ownership of the business) and John will be taking charge of the print productivity aspect.

And, since I ranted and raved about giveaways and I'd like to reward you for making it through my lengthy post, I am going to hold my VERY 1st GIVEAWAY!!!!

AND, to make it oh, so simple, all you have to do is comment. However, your name will only be submitted one time even if you want to comment a hundred times. Just saying. SO, staying in the theme of this post, the giveaway will be this set of what else other than a boxed set of CRANE stationary notecards.

[Product Information]

20 notes, 20 envelopes, 5 each.
Colors included are: Flame Red, Limon, Cambridge Blue, Espresso.
Valued at $24.00.

The winner will be drawn & announced this Thursday, July 1st, some time in the morning.

Good Luck!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It has been some time since we have been to a wedding.

But for some reason, this weekend will be the 2nd one we'll be attending in one months time.

There's always something so endearing about a wedding. And the beauty that surrounds them is too good to keep to myself::::::::::::::::::::

{church details}

{the new Mr. & Mrs.}
*Mike & Clare
*John's fellow-employee at Pixel.

{beautiful flowering shrub}

{double date w. my brother/}

{gorgeous chand.'s that my husband delivered back in the day when he worked at the lighting store}

{the table numbers ::designed by my hubby:: each displayed a different story of a significant place to Mike & Clare, along with the story of specialness to them}

{awaiting our fabulous meal:: the steak was p.e.r.f.e.c.t.}

{towering centerpieces}

{delicate beauties}

{gifts. gifts. gifts.}

{one of the longest-together couples there}

{real + fake}

***CONGRATS, Mike & Clare!
Many happy & blessed days for you.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

snip, snip...

fresh for the summer.
a hip-30's cut.
mommy-of-3 doe-ability.

love it.
*thanks to my super-duper stylin' sister for the chop-chop.


::just back from our chicago trip. so much to record. the memories are still flooding over. feels like I just finished the last page of a very favorite book. the kind you hope never ends.

::enjoy the new look? it may be completely different next time you stop by. going through some decision making. which, for me, is never a one time thing. :)

::it's good to be home.