Thursday, December 03, 2009


{lost teeth}
*drew has lost his 2nd tooth this week. the other one is already grown in. the *tooth fairy* granted drew a whole dollar for his first tooth, but seems to be feeling the economy squeeze as well, for she only left 50c. for this one. (though she got lost the first night and didn't make it until the second night.) so even with all this *pretending,* drew is not fooled at all by all this. he knows *exactly* what is going on. (wink) but it's still fun to pretend. oh, and the eye patch is also a new thing for drew. dr.'s orders, for 3 months-every morning to strengthen his weak eye. we technically only have until he turns 7 before his eyes are "set." so we're CELEBRATING another hole in drew's mouth and a chance to be a "real pirate" for a couple of months. signs of growing children!

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skB said...

love this series of posts.....

did I tell you that I had to wear a patch when I was Drew's age? I still have it somewhere--and it was for the same purpose. I had to have surgery for a lazy eye and they pulled it in too "far" so thus the patch to even things out. good times;-)

Don't know if you saw my comment back to you on my blog. . .but I do believe that we are long-lost sisters.....we are so much alike and have so much in common that it is almost scary!! ;-)