Tuesday, December 01, 2009


happy december!
I cannot believe it is already *that* month!
Since my days are slipping by me like sand falls through one's hand, I decided to keep up with my one/a/day, very little thought-but still keeping a record, type blogging. My brain cannot handle any more at this season of my life, but I don't want this time to pass unforgotten. (right now, I am quickly typing because 2 boys are by my side asking for more chocolate chips from the tin in their reach while Caid is "calling" for me. Why does this always seem to coincide with a quick blogging post?)
SO, this month, I am going to (attempt) to post daily with the theme of CELEBRATION.
First one being, our first snowfall of the season, also Caid's first snow fall! Which is very, very unusual for new england! But we're not complaining. We know *Jack Frost* will be here soon enough, and he certainly doesn't move on any time soon.

{first *snow* fall}

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Beth said...

i love it. your Thanksgiving posts were very meaningful. simple is best! very soon I'll be joining your blogging model!