Wednesday, December 02, 2009



*today is a sad sort of day. it is the beginning of a new "era" for our little family. we have been so so lucky that "dad" has an office here so he can work-at-home. which has meant all sort of wonderfullnesses. like having him here for lunch. or a quick visit by the boys for some licorice (or better yet, for me, a late morning kiss*), or when I run into a snag with 2 of the boys, he intercedes for a few minutes so I can man-handle the baby, or a quicky errand while the young boys are napping---which is a thing of the past. a break time wrestle session on the mats with dad will have to wait until after dinner. my mornings will now consist of handing off a bag lunch, a (long) smooch, and everyone waving goodbye out the window. yes, it is a sad sort of day at the neiner household. we have been so very, very lucky to have John's presence if only but here & there throughout the day. but, we are CELEBRATING the wonderful year & 8months we did have him here with us throughout every day. and, of course, this will just make the "welcome home's" even more sweet.


Beth said...

I'm sorry. I'm sure that 1 year and 8 months was the perfect time that the boys (and you) needed daddy "there". That must have been wonderful and now must seem like a very short time. cute pic of the boys enjoying daddy

Richele said...

Oh, here's to celebrating those ever sweet homecomings. New blessings for you.

We have a bit of a hard time "letting go" of Papa ourselves each and every morning and O has never worked from home.