Monday, April 14, 2008


Spring is finally here. The loooooong awaited weather where you once again realize you have neighbors and grass. I feel like it is OFFICIAL since the stubborn snow piles are finally melted away after enjoying a perfectly beautiful 72* day this past Saturday!!! With this season comes new life as the buds meekly poke their friendly faces out of the earth, freshness with the smell of warmth in the air & new beginnings as we, like those buds, start to unearth ourselves from behind our sheltered protection. Thank you, Lord, for the 4 seasons. But THANK YOU for spring!  I sometimes wish the "new year" was after the dismally long winter. I am feeling much more motivated and NEW than I did in Jan. In the spirit of spring, I am also loving all things birds, nests and eggs. So I decided to do a post of my little collection of photos that I've gathered.

Birds Nest at our local museum

a library book full of fabulous illustrations that I have renewed as many times as possible.

my most favorite calendar snatched up from eBay (even the company was out of stock).

the remainder of the chocolate eggs in my faux birds nest.

made this one night. the eggs are from my vera catalogue.

a thank you note for my MIL for easter dinner.

a favorite nest N magnet.

practicing my art. this picture was in the favorite book I mentioned earlier and I just loved it. so i set out to draw it. I was so surprised at it's turn out. I am now on a mission to keep filling my journal with pictures. 
more to come...


Stephanie (Wolynes) Steinbart said...

What beautiful pictures! Very inspiring - not to draw (I have no talent!) but to look and appreciate the little things!

S&s said...

great minds think alike! I just posted a picture of the little bird's nest on my back door wreath;)

LOVED this post! And happy Spring to you!

Katie Barker said...

I have mixed emotions about birds. I love to hear them in the morning. I like their pretty eggs, but I don't love them eating my grass seed, and I don't like that they are dirty animals.

However, all that said, I like all your pictures! Happy spring.

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

It's funny you should say that the new year should start AFTER winter because it doesn't feel new in Jan. I always feel like the year begins at the end of August... must be from years of going to school, but that's when I want to set new goals and get a fresh start on things.

I love your collection of nest pictures! That's a great spring decoration... beyond just flowers!

Love you my friend!