Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Once Upon A Time...

...there was a young girl who didn't think she liked to read all that much. She would much rather play ball outside or bike up the steep hills of her small home town. But when she became a woman and had a baby (which settled her down a bit) she found herself desiring the thing that she so often neglected. And thus began her love of reading.

WELL, there you have a short synopsis of my life. Except for the fact that I don't get that much time to read even now. And it is probably a stretch to say that I LOVE to read. I should say I LOVE to read a good book. I have very little enthusiasm for a poor book. Or a boring book. Or one that takes too long to get interesting. But I am surprised at myself at how much I am reading now in comparison to the whole of my life (not counting required reading assignments, of course). Thus needing the narrative intro to move on to the real reason of the post:

I just finished this book. It is the Prequel to Anne of Green Gables: the first 11 years of her life. The book starts out before Anne is even born with her beautiful parents. Although I will not be giving my "acclaimed" opinion of the book...since I am no critic...I would like to say, if you are out there, and you are an ANNE OF GREEN GABLES lover...YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!! (look here for a noteable writeup) I heard about it while at our Barnes & Nobles story time with Drew. While talking to my friend/worker K. she mentioned this book she was currently reading. She pulled it off the shelf and I held it in my hands and stared at the cover. I couldn't believe it was in my hands. It was fresh off the press and it was their last copy on the shelf (probably a total scam to get, ME, to buy their books!!!). So I bought it. And I went home that night and started to read it. I just finished the 300+ page book. It wasn't perfect. There was a tiny bit of language I thought was unnecessary. There was a lot of heavy and sad parts with Anne being an orphan and all. In the beginning, I thought, how neat. The "next generation" can start with this and get the whole story. But, I dare say, I am not sure that this book would be appropriate for such young readers. At least it seems to be geared toward older readers already in love with Anne. But that is my humble opinion. This new author does, however, do a great job of intertwining the Anne we know so well and blossoms her from babyhood into the imaginative and strong 11 year old we see in the beginning of Green Gables. I think it is brilliant. To have to work backwards and not lose anything or add too much. Oops, I guess I gave my opinion anyway. Well, there's one thing I am quite sure of. There won't be a movie. (That is stricktly my opinion). I dare say not even makeup could create Meagan Follows to look like a 6 year old. Oh well. Some things are better left to the imagination.

Happy reading.

p.s. I have this happy memory I just have to share. When my dear friend, stephanie, was moving away at the end of our freshman year of high school, I spent a lot of time over at her house while they were packing up. One time, I sat down at her piano with the sheet music Anne's Theme and Steph pulled out her violin (I did not even know she played the violin) and we screeched and plucked away at that song in probably the worst duet known to mankind. But it was great. Our song that we played in our way. We were...are...bosom friends. I am so thankful for all my bosom friends, that just understand. No matter how well, or not, you sound.


Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Wait a second... Stephanie plays the violin??! =)

I am definately an Anne lover, so I'll have to see about getting my hands on that book... I wonder if they are going to make a movie =)

Hope you all are doing well. And thanks so much for all that cupcake info.. I havn't written back because my juno is doing bad things to my computer and I'm not opening it very often.

Love ya!

Stephanie (Wolynes) Steinbart said...

Ok, PLAY the violin is really not an accurate statement! What horrific sounds! Amazingly enough, I remember that day very clearly in my mind's eye. That was about 15 years ago or so!
Thanks for always listening to my sounds and loving me despite of it all!
Hey - they ARE making a movie of that book. About a year ago, auditions were held around America, looking for the young Anne. We had a family friend who auditioned. Never heard any more about it though. They called the movie, Anne the prequel.

The Stamper Story said...

ok- are you a writer? you ARE a writer. When there is something that touches your heart you communicate it so well! Keep writing. I'll keep reading.

Erin Neiner said...

LEAH: I know you are a total romantic and I think you would appreciate this book! And sorry about your juno fun! :(

STEPH: you made my night!!! I am SO EXCITED they are making a movie. Thanks for the info...I'll definitely keep my eyes open! Let me know if you here anything!

BETH: it's funny, becuase I am SO NOT A least I couldn't be professionaly or anything. But there is something that comes over me when, like you said, something touches my heart, and it is as if my pen cannot write my thoughts fast enough. Your words encouraged me though, to at least keep on journaling in my blogging. I SO often hide behind pictures! :)

Momma Val said...

Hi! I just found your blog. I never knew about this book. Thanks! I am not much of a reader of fiction, but I'd read this!