Wednesday, April 02, 2008

drew's BIG day

the big F-O-U-R

March 19th, THE BIG DAY: We had a fun random day, giving into many of Drew's whims. I'd ask him what he wanted to do and that we did! He got a free movie rental so part of the day we watched "Everybody's Hero" which is what he picked out. He bought a magnetic fishing set at the dollar store with one of the dollar bills he got in one of his cards and we visited daddy at work for lunch (this was at the lighting store). MY PLAN was to let Drew completely make his own cake, with some guidance, but I thought it would be fun to see how it would turn out. But the day slipped by and we just didn't have time to do it. So while the boys were playing with "daddy," I whipped up a chocolate cake. (he wanted only chocolate-chocolate) and I let him decorate it himself. Isn't this the PERFECTLY decorated cake by a 4 year old. I LOVE the slanted candles!!! (yellow being his favorite color)

I got this "INTERVIEW" idea from a birthday book I actually have for Jack. So I thought I would copy it into Drew's "art book." It was actually very fun and Drew munched on a snack while I fired away at the questions. When I have time, I'll do a post about the specifics in case anyone out there would like to use the idea.

One of my favorite pages is the "Funny Things You Said Recently." Here are some of my favorite DREWISMS:

Drew got some bubble wrap in one of his birthday boxes. He pulled it out and put it on the floor & said, "Mommy. Watch me pop these goosebumps!!!"

Completely out of the blue, Drew said one day,"I like this home, mommy!"

I was putting my contacts in one morning and Drew was intensely watching me (I haven't had them in nearly a year.) Drew said, "Mom, how do those eye-tacts work?"

After Drew's recent dentist appointment, I was finishing up some paper work at the receptionist's desk. Drew tugged on my arm and said, "Mommy, I think I need some water! That toothpaste is making my esophagus feel funny!!!" The receptionist and I had a good laugh about that one.

The other morning Drew asked me, "What is in the inside of a pillow that makes it soft and fluffy?" So I was briefly explaining "fill" to him and then said, "Some pillows are filled with feathers. Those are called down. Like a duck has down feathers in the wintertime which keeps it warm." He immediately responded with, "So do they have UP feathers in the springtime?"

::Easter Dinner/Family Celebration::

with Drew's birthday being so close to Easter this year, we decided to mesh the two since all the 9er family would be together. So on Sat. we enjoyed a fabulous ham dinner...with EVERYTHING else you could possibly imagine (so wish I had a picture of the spread) and then had birthday cake for Drew.

CAKE #2: not often does one get 2 birthday cakes!!! But I promised Drew this igloo cake a few months ago when I brought home the mold from a super clearance deal. It is by Martha Stewart and is silicone. It is quite amazing and baked a delicious cake. Although due to its depth, the cake took 2 hours to bake! Thanks to my artistic hubby who hand-molded a replica of Drew's favorite "friend" (i.e. Pixel) out of marzipan.

if you can't clearly hear on the following video, Drew says his wish is [in a very 4-year-old kind of way]:
"I wish everybody was gone,
and I ate the cake by myself,
and nobody was here,
just me by myself."

[warning: Italian family is gathered together here. there is much talking at the same time...]

The "daddies" (john & doug) nap efforts are quickly thwarted by the runaway gang...


Now that Drew is 4 he moved up to the children's sunday school class (and is also sitting in "big church"). Here is one of Drew's verses for his new Sunday School class. It kind of amazed me at how quickly he memorized this. It was a good reminder at all that I need to be actively teaching him and filling that little sponge of a mind with! (and no, I'm not talking about Sponge-Bob!! And I am ever grateful Drew is not into that!) :)


Carrie said...

very cute cakes! Very funny wish...Great job on the verse Drew! and Happy Birthday! I'm looking forward to you posting more about the interview..sound like a great idea...also have been missing your artistic pages..hint hint!

sb said...

What great videos! I felt like I was there. Drew is adorable and it was so nice to share those memories!

Erin Neiner said...

carrie...i know, i know, i know!!!! I made out my list of "words" I still have to do...I think I have 8!!!!! YIKES!! I'm going to have to pull an all-nighter to catch up! :) I do have one finished that I just need to post. I'm getting my crafty stuff moved around and reorganized, thus the delay! :) Don't give up on me!!!! :)

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

I love it! Happy Birthday to you Drew. The part where he wanted to say his verse really fast made me chuckle. He is so cute with those glasses!

Ben and Carissa said...

I would love to see this "interview" idea! It looked so cute. It will be so fun to look back at. I also loved the video...and the wish! So funny!!

Loraena said...

that cake is so adorable!