Tuesday, December 28, 2010

::snow-globe effect::

This is the most recent measurement on our back deck. It is in the snow drift, but still...you have to make it through the snow drifts too! There is actually something quite fun about being completely snowed in. We only needed an instant fireplace kit. Other than that, we were set with a Christmas movie, hot chocolate and lots of new toys. 

The snow fall lasted from Sunday at 3pm until Monday afternoon. It has quieted down now and plows have been by and the driveway is shoveled (thanks, honey) and there is a path that is knee high that leads to a fort for the boys. And we are truly, if we ever doubted it, in a winter wonderland.

Happy In-Between of Celebration Time.
We are getting ready for our annual get together with our ever-fun friends, the Yarnells whom we'll be seeing tomorrow! Lots of laughs in store! 


Richele said...

Love the snow-globe effect! The boys are all in bed for naps so I'm getting my snowshoes on and going out.

Wishes for the funnest time with the Yarnell's! More snow and hot chocolate in store, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin!
I was in need of some encouragement today, and I thought of your blog :D (After having been in God's Word, of course!) I check in once in a while... Your words, the stories your pictures tell, and your family's Christlike example are a blessing!
Happy New Year to the "Finer Neiners".
In Christ,
Mrs. Blain

me said...

I love your blog and pictures.