Monday, February 07, 2011

I cannot believe I have been so so neglectful to this little blog....but when I get the courage, I will return. I have so much catching up to do (um....can we say Christmas??) so I just keep putting it off. 

Thankfully, it stays right here, doesn't collect any paperwork or dust, and just waits patiently until I am ready to pick it up again.

Hope my readers are too. 


(the memory of this photo makes me laugh out loud. we were in PA visiting our great friends and they treated us to a ski resort for their huge tubing hill. we all traded off watching caiden in the lodge. he ended up literally eating his way through the whole entire day. no joke. thus the food in his mouth. and jack, sneaking a drink of my chai. he was just disappointed it wasn't coffee. seriously.) 


Beth said...

I KNOW what you mean! You get behind. and then behind. and then more behind. and pretty soon it's too daunting of a task to "come back". Thankfully there's no real expectations, just the ones we put on ourselves! Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Richele said...

...and I was thinking you couldn't make it to your computer because of all the snow.

cranny + b said...

I miss you, dear blog friend!
come back soon, when you have the time! ;-)

Nancy said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comment on "Weed it and Reap". I'm still chuckling over your term "full-blown CM homeschooling mom". I know what you mean, but this image of a bloated homeschooler is making me smile.

Is it Richele who you spoke of as your "one CM friend" and is coming to the retreat?

I see you are behind on posts. I'm falling into that right now as I need to concentrate on writing for CLUSA and need to eliminate some of these things that are "extra", but take up my spare moments - of which I have very, very few. Why do I think you can relate to that?

You have a beautiful family!

Sursum Corda,