Wednesday, December 22, 2010

on angel's wings how quickly Christmas feels like it's coming.

Unstoppable, yet so exciting.
Reverent, but jubilant.
Preparatory, but pausing. 

I love how each Christmas holds the same dear patterns, yet each one awaits us with its own surprises.

I love letting the lights on the tree be the last ones on in the house at night. Their magic twinkling around the room.

I love how with each new day, the presents seem to multiply under the tree.

I love how even though there is so much more hustle and bustle going on out there, people are still overall more friendly and cheerful. 

I love that our Post Office has an independent mailing machine that is open 24/7. And that there's no line at 11pm! 

I love that I just found my little stash of clearance Christmas books from last year, including: The Nutcracker (Susan Jeffers), The Gift of the Magi (O. Henry, ill. by Lisbeth Zwerger), The Child's Christmas (Evelyn Sharp), and Who's That Knocking On Christmas Eve (Jan Brett).

I love (*attention: spoiler alert) that my living room smells like fresh roasted coffee. We just received 2 boxes from Mist Valley who's coffee we have been LOVING every morning for the past few months! Their coffee is FRESH!!!!!! And the proof is in the taste. 

I love the excitement that is uncontainable in my children. And the sentimentality of adults. Particularly my dad. He sent me the sweetest FB message about how sad he is that we won't be together for Christmas.  :( 

I love that we have appx. 4 different types of advent calendars going on each day. Thankfully they are all simple enough to keep up with.  

I love the simple message that this season brings. One of hope and joy in the precious gift of our Savior. The simple, yet magnificent gift that so many pause to sing of. The gift that will soon be forgotten but will still remain long after the tree is at the curbside. The true, though cliche, "reason for the season." 


[photo above: our tree. filter done in Instagram. an awesome free iPhone app that I am loving]


Mary Ann said...

I heartily agree to everything little thing you said. Well written! Merry Christmas to you!!!

Richele said...

You do have a way with words - and photos!

Unto us...can you believe it - us?!...unto us a child is given!