Saturday, October 09, 2010

Irish Hospitality

I love shopping second hand. I don't know what it is: the musty smell, the stained clothes, the 80's style that brings me back. Well, ok. It is certainly not any of THOSE things!!!! But what I DO love about second hand stores, even the less than stylish ones, is this thrill that overcomes me that a treasure is awaiting to be unburied. I cannot ever get over the excitement of finding something that I would never, ever be able to find in a chain store. And the price is never to be beat. 

So, once in awhile, usually on Wednesday's when I have the goggle of goslings out and about doing errands with me, we end up in our local Salvation Army because that is Family Day. Which means every ticket (except one chosen color) is half off. I can always find something. I am quite afraid I have turned the boys into treasure hunters as well. I realized this when when we were talking about favorite things to do in the summer and Drew chimed in with "TAG SALES!!!!"  

Well, our last S.A. trip I spotted this very unique embroidery piece. Thankfully, I had just seen something similar on etsy that really caught my eye. It was in a foreign language, but it was just beautiful. So, taking my chances, I snatched this piece and figured it couldn't be that bad for 75 cents. I'd look it up when we got home. 

Well, the week went by and quite frankly, I forgot. So tonight as I walked by the framed handiwork, it kind of glanced at me funny, reminding me to look it up already. So thank you Mr. Google, again. And to my sweet, sweet surprise, I have definitely found a beautiful treasure. 

You see, the translation of this Cead Mile Failte (pronunciation: kade meela fall-chehis "ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND WELCOMES." How beautiful is that? And to strike my fancy even deeper, the language is Gaelic. (John guessed Spanish. My friend Leah almost got an email for translation). Which just ties everything together so perfectly: my Irish roots, a vintage handmade item (maybe it came all the way from Ireland on the boat?), and a perfectly warm greeting to remind me to open our doors and hearts wide to those who enter here. 

This is one of my new favorites! 


Mary Ann said...

Love, love, love it! If you ever get tired of it, please let me buy it from you :-)

Erin Neiner said...

Well....HMMMMM? Do you think it's legal to scan it? I could get you a digital copy??? :)