Saturday, October 30, 2010

Again, I *FALL* in love with Etsy.

Here are some of my favorite ETSY finds that made my fall heart go pitter-patter.

Saffron dress by pamelatang

Mocha flower by JuJuBeesAndCo 

Knitted Cream Bag by NzLbags

Paper Chain by PaperAddict

Acorn Print by LaneyButler

Stewart, the plaid owl by Gingiber

Vintage Picnic Blanket by SewnNatural

  Wool Owl [love how both those words share the same letters...]

Wool Acorns by SewnNatural

Birch Baby Blanket by SewnNatural

 Door Sweaters by the lovely [and my talented blogger friend] Cranny

Autumn dish towels [also] by Cranny 

Caramel Wool Scarf by KnitFrekkies 

Yellow Sparrow Necklace by [a personal friend and local artisan] LePetitPretty

[note: doing this post was like organizing my bedroom closet when company is coming over. company that will not see my closet. but somehow, it felt good to do. catching up, lots of catching up, coming soon.] 


Chastity Gomez said...

LOVE this post- such pretty things:) You have good style!

{B} said...

oh my dear--
the picture of that baby?! sooooooo precious!

thanks for featuring my things too, friend!

happy November to you!

Lazy Apples said...

Oh Erin, what a lovely collection. I love your style!

Thank you for including my necklace in your post!

Erin Neiner said...

Thanks, girlfriends!!! If I only had $500 to blow to the wind..... ... .... ... .. .. . ...... ....


kellyH said...

love this list - 'specially loving that knit bag!!

me said...

I want. I want.

Jen from SewnNatural said...

Thank you so much for including us here - we're really flattered. Love your list, especially that knitted cream bag! Thanks again.