Thursday, October 21, 2010

coming up for air...

I am still here.

I promise.

I have so many bubble thoughts following me around they are bumping into the ceiling.

I have so many posts wishing to be written and photos waiting for their debut that are losing patience.

We are still here.

We are still doing school.

We are still finishing a few lingering summer projects.

We are celebrating birthday after birthday.

We are drinking up fall.

We are sometimes sprinting and sometimes dog-paddling. 

It's just that, well, life happens. And unfortunately, when life happens, I sometimes let go. In a good way, but in a way I wish I could overcome and still-be-able-to-hold-all-the-strings-together kind of way. 

However, I just wanted to let you know. 

We're still here. 


{B} said...

i'm so glad to hear from you;-)

please come up for air as often as you can manage! ;-)

Mary Ann said...

It's good to know you are still here :-) And don't worry about us - we'll be here when you get time to come back!

Beth said...

I like the title. Life is just plain exhausting and engulfing at times. Looking back over the years- evaluating them as we've added kids, responsibilities, job changes, moves, etc... I'd have to say that what I've learned/ am continuing to learn in 8 years is how to stay home and make the important things count and let other things go (such as all the bloggy posts that are wanting to come out!). Thanks for the post. Good to know you're "surviving" and aren't killing yourself or hurting your fam in the process of making all those blog posts happen! I'm constantly blogging in my head! :) tee hee... maybe one day there will be the technology to just think it and blip it right to our screens w out the sit- down- and- make- time- effort! :)

Erin Neiner said...

Thanks, guys, for stopping by and adding your supportive comments! :)

Beth: about the technology thing...I was just wishing for that today in camera mode. Like in way of an adorable headband that you can just flip over your eyes, press a button and *snap*----easy as 1-2-3, wherever you are. :) It might just be possible in our children's generation!

Richele said...

Continue steadfastly on as those days are always followed by back-floating and swan-dives.


Lazy Apples said...

Oh I know this story so well!

Life happening all around us is so much lovelier than anything happening on a computer screen.

Enjoy and soak it all up!