Saturday, October 09, 2010

Cannot wait...

Guess what I am getting for my [belated] birthday present?

Here's what they have to say about it:

Holiday with Matthew Mead is a "book-azine" celebrating and offering inspiration for the Christmas holiday season. To be delivered in late October 2010, we are offering Holiday via online orders only - in limited quantities - and by simply following the BUY HOLIDAY MAGAZINE link below our banner, you will be directed to a secure shopping cart and checkout... with a guaranteed delivery of HOLIDAY straight to your mailbox! Be sure to stick around and read more about what you will find in the pages of Holiday, discover who ourfamous features are andwatch our video sneak peek here! 

Who is Matthew Mead, you might ask? Well, I am not 100% sure, to be honest. But he was called a Creative Machine and this was written of him:   "...the majority of best-selling covers for Country Home magazine were produced by Matthew. And of course, he created the cover for Flea Market Style 2010, and we all know how well that sold. :-) " 



This wonderful holiday book/magazine has caught my eye from the beginning and when my sister-in-law asked for birthday ideas, this popped into my head. HURRY---it's going to be printing soon and being shipped out at the end of this month! This would be an INCREDIBLE gift to a friend, sister, blogger, photographer, lover of the Christmas season, creative, decorator enthusiast, etc. AND, you have a gift done early! YAY! 

You can go here (or send your awesome sister-in-law there like I did) if you want to order one. Or you can just check out their blog for great ideas, creative guest bloggers, giveaways or when you need to get in the Christmas spirit. 

(already? I know... I pull out my Christmas music right at Thanksgiving. It's coming, folks!) 


Beth said...

I SAW matthew mead at junk bonanza 2 years ago! :) YOU SHOULD COME!!! anyway, awesome gift idea! your bday is perfect timing for starting to think of all things holiday. enjoy! We need to hear how much you love it and DO share some great idea :) ok?

Richele said...

That is a perfect gift for you! I love being the recipient of your hand-made gift tags.

We love Christmas music and listen year-round here :)

Mary Ann said...

Looks very interesting...I'm with Beth, share some great ideas that you pick up from Mr. Matthew :-)

Erin Neiner said...

Will do, my ladies! :)