Tuesday, July 06, 2010

hot with an H

I am sitting here in my bedroom. About 5 ft. away from the AC unit, the only AC unit in our house. And it is a squelchering...well, the van read 100*, and I believe it! We New Englanders are not in anyway used to this kind of heat and wherever you go around town, you're sure to hear about it!

We really had a wonderful 4th/5th celebration. However, I have not a single snapshot to show for it. But the memories are well linked to in my minds eye, so that shall have to suffice for this year. Drew was a bit sick over the weekend, so he and I and Caiden hung out at the Grandparents watching the parade in the comfort of their living room while John, his dad and Jack pushed through the crowds, stood in the sun and slurped down snow cones & hot dogs during the hour and a half they stayed. Then everyone showed up, hot & sweaty, for a fabulous cold picnic lunch out back under the towering pine & oak trees. Cold, bacon wrapped BBQ meatloaf, corn chowder potato salad, raspberry-salsa layered dip, rolls, watermelon, sweet tea, brownies & blueberry cream pie. Yum! The stuff American 4th of July's are made of (thanks, mom)! Crystal is one month away from having her 3rd (a girl!), the cousins played their little games together in the yard, Drew and Jack put on a new magic trick with the assistance of John, John, Doug & I played pick-up volleyball and the boys found a treasure trove of Uncle Doug's old Lego collection in the basement. (whoa. we had to p-u-l-l them away from those!). Caiden giggled with delight while I swung him on dad's new hammock chair. He also practiced his new trick of waving to all passerbyers. We enjoyed the hot yet breezy peak-of-the-summer kind of day. It was a slow kind of day that seemed to keep going. The kind that seems to give you back time. I love those days.

Then on our way home, as we were all overheating by the moment, we made a quick dash into the house for a whirl-a-twirl change and darted across town for the lake. The overcrowded, worse-day-of-the-year, lake. But, oh, how fabulous the sandy beach, rocky bottom, cool water felt to all of us. Lots of sand castle building, throwing in the air (children, not sand), going under water, get those baby legs kicking went on there. After 2 hours and being water logged and sun soaked, we headed home in our wet clothes with not a care in the world. For we just enjoyed about the most perfect day of S.U.M.M.E.R. together.


Nothing beats it.

The end.


Richele said...

So glad to hear you all had such a grand day!

Beth said...

I can "see" your lovely day without seeing it. Sometimes pictures enhance the memory, but sometimes I think they limit the memory. Yours will be remembered bigger and better for years to come! I'm so glad you had a beautiful day.

Sissy said...

Okay, Erin. I gotta get the recipe for everything you ate on the 4th. It all sounds so good! Do I get them from you or JoAnne?

Erin Neiner said...

Sissy: from the elder Mrs. Neiner...(yes, JoAnne!). Everything really.really.really was fantastic! (the corn chowder potato salad was originally from Lauren, though). :)

Erin Neiner said...

Richele: I do believe this is the 3rd anniversary of our first family get-together. Sorry we didn't relive the tradition this year... :(

Beth: you are so right. Though, I am finding that very few things are sticking in the memory (alone) archive, so at the very least, recording them is quite necessary! :)

Erin Neiner said...

p.s. to all: there are days when I know I will regret not having snapped shots from. but when I mentally decide to forgo the camera, I am always at ease and just take those mental snapshots. And quite honestly, that's probably why those days (like this one) is so...enjoyable. :)