Monday, July 19, 2010

12 - 2 =


Which means, yes, indeed, we are just 2 short months away from somebody's first birthday!


This kid, a.k.a. Mr. Curiosities, doesn't quite seem to be a baby anymore. He is so. so. so. strong, busy, determined, cute, loved, focused and has a huge love of life right now. He has managed to maintain his dimply smile & deep brown eyes, obtain 5 teeth & blonde hair all the while seeing that every square inch of him is ticklish!

While he is getting over the cereal puffs, he is a lover of cheerios. He eats plenty of yobaby yogurt, and prefers his avocado with banana now. He points to something, and in his little baby voice yells, "Da---" (translation: that). Loves peek-a-boo. Laughs at you when you do a body shiver while saying the word. Loves the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Loves-loves-loves the water (except when mommy accidentally & unexpectedly dunks him under the water). He wants everything the big boys have and has managed to succumb many shared popsicles! He's fast, too. Crawls, pulls himself up, grabs, swipes, knocks over, into the mouth, bangs, pats, bites...whatever it takes! He totally held his own being "down" in nursery the other night and was into everything! However, he is still unsure of the grass. So he stays pretty well on a blanket in the middle of the yard. But always manages to get a handful of the green stuff into his mouth.

The other day while in the kitchen I watched him crawl over to his cereal puffs container. He picked it up and tried to pull the lid off. Didn't work. So he popped it off with his teeth, shoved his arm down the tubular container and out came a huge handful of the fruity stars. He was so proud of himself--and was like a little kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

I think back to when people would say, "Oh! You didn't get your girl..." and can't help but inwardly laugh, because the third boy has just rounded out our little family perfectly. And he seems to be a perfect balance between his two older brothers.

Time will surely tell.


Carrie said...

people say that to me to about my 3 boys too. BUT I can't imagine life without our little Abey Baby..who sounds a lot like your 3rd, holding his own and strong. It almost makes me wonder what we are missing if we don't have another ;)

Tammy S. said...

He is so adorable Erin. How time flies.

Abby said...

He is absolutely adorable! Mine turns 6 months this week, and I can't believe how fast it goes!!!

Karen said...

What a cutie pie! LOVE his dimples--mine don't have any.
He looks plenty healthy--how much does he weigh?

But what I really want to know is:
In the last photo, why are your boys all in short sleeves and even shorts... while you're in jeans & a sweater? Problems with your internal thermometer? ;)

kellyH said...

so sweet! that motorcycle!!! I wouldn't mind having 3 boys myself. :)

Erin Neiner said...

Karen: that is funny you noticed this! This was taken back in May, so the weather was still a bit cool in the evening. My oldest, Drew, is completely cool-blooded and refuses to get "cold"---so always dresses "less" than the others....esp. this momma...who has never seemed to get over the blistering cold from college! ;) I get cold easily......and maybe I should check into my internal thermometer!!!!

Kelly: motorcycle compliments of Brion Yarnell, who gave the boys (sans Caiden) their first ride. & you would LOVE 3 boys! :) But I let go of any "expectations" in that area long ago! :)

Richele said...

You didn't mention he got his motorcycle license!

Oh, yes, those that feel for us "all boy" families must not know how fun it is to ALWAYS get to be the princess, chosen as the bride, and daily called "pretty" by our little protectors.

Erin Neiner said...

K: He weighed in today at 19lbs. Apparently, he's in the lower percentile, but he feels pretty hefty to me!