Friday, January 11, 2008

A Time To Create...

I want to share something I'm super excited about that I have COMMITted to this year:


While visiting ARTSYMAMA's blog, I learned of EMILY who is "hosting" a challenge for an ART JOURNAL for 2008. She is posting a word at the beginning of the week for inspiration. The rest is up to the artist!!! I loved the idea but honestly, this last year was a year of "creativity on hold" in the art department. Our stuff is just too un-accessible for it to be enjoyable! So I didn't think I would commit to it. But something happened yesterday! :) I had the thought planted in my mind and when the opportunity siezed itself upon creativity that has been welled up {and from all the creative blogs I've been observing}...I plunged in head first to begin the journey of AN ART JOURNAL.

I am SO excited & I don't think I will be able to turn back. Don't know if I'll be able to keep at it every week; but it was like therapy sitting and creating.

{page #1}

{this page has very humble beginnings!! I grabbed my sea sponge, pop-up sponge, used my son's box of crayola's, Elmer's glue, and added some of my fun glitter, circle punch, bird punch, scraps of paper & left over paint chips. Oh, and a wooden skewer for odds & ends painting & texturing.}


{circle-cut piece of corrugated cardboard & painted it green for the tree*LOVE my plethera of MS glitter I got on SUPER clearance at Michaels*the trunk is cut from a paint chip}

{Bird punch is from Martha Stewart's collection. I LOVE IT!! Got it at Michaels on Christmas clearance*Brown vintage ribbon was part grossgrain, part velour. So I cut it in half* The paper behind the bird is left over from the roll of ribbon}

{Painted dried fern leaves for the 2008}

{This surprised me. I started by rubbing the minty green paper with my son's white crayon. It gave a nice texture. Until I started lettering with a marker. I thought it was going to be disasterous...but the marker dried fine and it left a cool texture*The scroll is copied from my favorite homemade Christmas card I received this year}

{I used scraps from a real birds nest a neighborhood kid gave my son this summer}

{I am excited to use up so many of the little things I have on hand! I am going to try to create everything with stuff I already own! So...any of you out there up for the challenge??? It could be ANY kind of journal, scrapbook, etc. using the key word for the week!}


So, I know that everyone has a different "artistic" avenue.

I know my mom's is in the garden. Their yard is perfect and always plush and the landscaping & flowers look straight from a magazine! My dad's canvas started at the chalkboard. He is a master teacher and by the end of any given class his board could display Napolean's dynamic invasions with complete illustrations (the ever humble stick-man never looked better). And my husband, well, he is just a fabulous artist so everything he puts his hand to comes out phenomenal!


{my 'weaknesses' are magazines & artistic blogs---tons of visual inspiration}


journeyer said...

Ummm. I am definitely, definitely loving this page - It's fantastic! I love the variety of textures and elements. Good job! I have a serious weakness with patterned paper - I tend to go overboard when it is on sale 5 for $1.00 because I can justify it.

Erin Neiner said...

Katie...I am totally with you on the paper weakness also!!! That is why I have PROMISED myself to try and use up what I have (plus my hubby put me on a "ban" of no more buying until I start using!!) ha.ha.

Tricia said...

Oh Erin, you artsy people amaze me. It would take me a good year to think up a page like that, let alone implement it (and I would need therapy for trying it, rather than it being therapeutic). I seriously don't think I have a creative skin cell on me. I enjoy seeing the fruits of your labor though, keep it up!

Beth said...

This is wonderful, Erin! Great trash to treasure ideas! If you're like me, once you start being crafty and using old bits of "trash" then you have the HUGE problem of not wanting to throw anything away!!! You can see potential in the cereal boxand the old socks with holes in them. lol! Ya, me too--these art/ craft blogs really put me on major creative overload, and when you don't have time to do anything about it those creative juices just boil over!

S&s said...

oh I cannot wait to see more of this!! What a great idea! Unfortunately, I tend to steal creativity--it very rarely happens on it's own!!! My favorite sources to steal from:
1) Cottage Living
2) Country Home
3) Pottery Barn
4) friends' homes and blogs;)

p.s. Can't wait to see pictures of the basement--your colors look beautiful! Orange is becoming a fast favorite of mine! Can you share the color name? ;)

Erin Neiner said...

Tricia: oh, girl, you crack me up!! Let's just say your creativity definitely abides in the "personality" area! How many times did we get "the look" from Ellen during those readers theatre prectises!! Your creativity is in intangible ways! ;)

Beth: ugh! I know what you mean about NOT throwing things away. It has always been a weakness of mine and I am afraid its gotten worse over the years. It is probably good for people like us to move often to get rid of stuff...except...we haven't moved in 6 years!!! :} At least it goes to good use!!!

Sarah: the orange is by Behr and is called "Ground Nutmeg" #S-H-230 The whole line of these oranges were great but this one seemed to work best in our little office with NO windows in it. I am SO excited to decorate it, although it is mainly John's office...and he has a collection of super hero figures that will be moving in on a shelf somewhere!!! So I may be somewhat limited! :)

Also, the "bluish-greenish" color stemmed from your Contemplation! I had that paint chip forever and was SURE we would use that in the main family room area, but it was just too light. We ended up using Ralph Lauren "Shale Blue" and for the stairwell/laundry area we used Rhino...which is just one shade darker than Contemplation. ALL THAT to say...thanks for the inspiration!!! Guess your not the only to "steal" creativity! What's that saying, "IMITATION IS THE BEST FORM OF FLATTERY!!"

Loraena said...

Gorgeous!!!! Artistic creativity is definitely something I wish I had more of!

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Wow!!! I love that page! It is soooo you! It reminds me of your class notes in college. I'd look over at you taking these intense notes... complete with the signature Erin font and illustrations! I can't believe that you put it together with scraps around the house...Bravo!! Sitting and creating is very therapeutic... once you decide to actually sit down and do it. Good for you to take up the challenge! I tend to be a moody artist. When it flows it flows, and when it doesn't... I'm a lamebrain :) Can't wait to see the rest of it!

Tammy Schindel said... are something else! Talented hubby and talented wife. Awesome!

Tammy Schindel said...

ps-come do my albums!

Tricia said...

"Not unto us... not unto us, O Lord..." in a highly over dramatic British accent is forever seared in my memory. Poor Ellen, having to put up with us - those were some fun times though!

S&s said...

hey!I'm finally getting back to checking on that color! Thanks tons!!

Becca said...

I love your page, it's great. I did some of Emily's 52 deck of cards challenge last year and it was great. You have great talent!

Sara Mincy said...

Hi Erin! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I am so glad you did comment so I could find your blog. I LOVE your journal pages! You are so creative and inspirational.

I also love the pics of your boys. Very cute.

Since you know my sister in law and brother in law, I will have to send you an invite to my family blog- much more about homeschooling, etc. I will send the invite if I can find your email address on your site.