Monday, January 28, 2008

{art journal page #3} you want to see it???

Are you sure???


Here is my art journal page #3!!!

The word is CONNECT.

I had so many ideas running through my head & finally one afternoon I just sat down and started drawing. Of course, the rough draft then stared at me for a couple of days until I finally sat down & did the final tonight! 'Thanks' to my artistic hubby who taught me some cool techniques (I've only ever played around with watercolor) & for letting me tear into his art stash, including his brushes, transfer paper & watercolor paper. I haven't decided if I am going to include the word CONNECT in my picture. I was planning on it...but now I don't want to "mess it up."
{rough draft}

I used a charcoal pencil on newsprint paper. Then got an idea of colors with watercolor pencils. You color first then brush on the water to give the watercolor effect. The more you brush, the more you wash off the color. {side note...In the beginning I was going to have a phone with the cord spelling the word connect, as you can see here. When Drew saw this he said, "HA! Mom, there's a phone in the tree!!!" Funny how things evolve in art.)

Then I used the transfer paper. (It is a large sheet of tissue like consistency but is black, one side containing graphite...This stuff is GREAT!!) You then place the transfer paper over the paper you want for your final copy. Then place your rough draft on top. Lightly pencil sketch over the lines on the rough draft that you want and you have a basic outline & great guide.


my inspiration & favorite mug
I originally had the steam "solid" but John said it would be more realistic to have it see-through. I am SO glad I did it this way! I had to paint everything behind the steam separately since it needed to be a much lighter shade.


(CHICAGO being close to my heart, but NYC is a close 2nd)

What better way to CONNECT than over a cup of coffee...if that's your cup of tea!

~Good thing I had a looooong nap this afternoon~ This is really not the norm! Although I tend to be a night owl, I no longer have the privilege of sleeping in. :) So tomorrow may be, well, interesting.


Janelle said...

AWESOME!!!!! Love it!!! You are so artsy and I think the page turned out perfect! Maybe you could put the word connect really really small down in the corner or something to help you remember the word for that page. Yes, there's nothing more "connecting" than a cup of coffee or tea, whichever you prefer! Thanks so much for sharing!

sb said...

You did a great job on this one, too, Erin. I love the look of the steam with the buildings in the background. How nice to have an encouraging husband in this endeavor :>) I may take some of the words you're using for art and use them as a springboard for my word journal...eventually!

Stephanie (Wolynes) Steinbart said...

Hi! What beautiful work, my artsy friend! I hope you are enjoying your new basement space!

Beth said...

wow! You're speaking a foreign language with all that art talk. It looks amazing. I'd love to know how you're going to put all the pages toghether. Maybe after this year of your art journal experience you should open an etsy shop?! I have that mug also and LOVE it! We're a lot alike and so far away...

candy said...

this came out beautiful! And inspired by the coffee mug? amazing!


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