Monday, January 21, 2008

SNIP snip

Well, the time has come.

Actually, the time should have been awhile ago, but it happened this past weekend.

Jack got his first haircut!!!

Jack has infamously received the nick-name "hippy baby" from his father.
His hair has grown out adorably and I was secretly wishing he would have curly golden locks of hair. But, alas, it grew pretty straight. And it hung down over his ears soooo far, he really was starting to look kind of hippy. So I took the scissors to his last sign of babyhood. (well...the diapers will probably be the LAST sign of babyhood!) He really did not sit well and Drew was banned from the bathroom in the first minute. But John held on to him and entertained him and made such noises and voices that it was even making me laugh. So here are the pics. Oh, and I forgot to keep a "lock" for his baby book. Baby book...that too. I have a lot to do this year!


{I wish I would have combed it all down in his face. It was really long. It hung well over his eyebrows!}


{we have very sharp scissors and he was being soooo fidgety. not to mention drew wanted in on the action and jack kept looking at drew.}


{and his very cool BEARS t-shirt from his cousin mckenna!}


{it's freezing...can't let them go to bed with wet hair}

...and some Swartzcopff stylin' serum to finish him off!!!

{For some reason...he looks Dutch in this photo?????}


{Irish, German & Italian make up this little boy. Sorry, no Dutch!!!)

And you may be thinking he is cutely smiling in this above picture, but the truth of the matter is that he would not look up. He was so intently playing with that bottle, figuring out how to get the cap off. So I snatched it from him and somehow I got a smiley face...because he was not too happy about this game mommy was playing!

Well, now that we've passed that phase of life...


Bonnie said...

Hi Erin Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a sweet family. And I had a look at your profile, we have a lot of interests in common (except I don't play any musical instrument-used to play guitar, but not anymore) and I LIKE to sing but can't-and I hate heights so that rules out rock climbing and I also hate sports! lol! But I love sense and sensibility, baking and a lot of other things you mentioned. I have entered you into the competition! I hope you will come back and visit often-always nice to have new readers! Do you mind if I link you in my sidebar?Bonnie

Sara Mincy said...

Cute haircut!

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Aaaah! Sweet Jack! Good job on the haircut mom! I had to laugh that Jack is just now getting a haircut... AJ was 3 weeks old when he was getting haircut notices from the nursery (Just kidding!!!). Time is passing so fast... this past Sunday I actually walked into church holding AJ's hand!

Sara said...

Awww, he's precious!!

sb said...

Hi Erin - I visit your blog regularly. It's like sitting at your kitchen table and visiting with you :>) You have inspired me to start my own blogspot, though it won't be as public as yours.
Thanks for the inspiration. I guess I'm proof that you're never to old to "blog" :>)
Mrs. Blain

Lance said...


Nice pictures of your dad - I mean Jack!

Hi to all. We miss you. Tell John we got a ping-pong table. ;-)

Sara said...

Hey girl, thanks for the left tort comment on my blog. It helps to know that others have been through it! We have recently started him in chiropractic care, because I really felt that some adjustment was needed--possible caused by the left tort. Anyway, the chiropractor definitely felt some tightness on his left side, and after only two appointments (of quick adjustments), I can already tell a difference! His head is noticeable flat on one side, and I think I'm going to try your crib idea too! I have been wanting to get him an aquarium or something similar for his crib, so if I place that right, tnat will def encourage him the other way! Thanks for the idea and the comment!! Hope we will really get to meet up someday. I feel like I know your boys. Amazing how this blogging world has kept me in touch with so many friends. I love it!

S&s said...

hey! Did you try searching Barnes&Noble? One of my friends who works there said they had the same calendar? Maybe you can order it on their website? I hope you find one--I absolutely LOVE mine!!