Saturday, January 19, 2008

2 DOWN...50 TO GO!!!

Yikes...50 is sounding a little overwhelming right now!
Hopefully I'll get faster each week at this. It is helping me to keep pushing & finishing. I tend to linger too long on projects. This is good for me!

Here's journal entry #2.
The word being FEEL.

And I promise my blog will not be consumed with these journal pages. The boys have been pretty sick and its been soooo cold outside. Nothing too exciting going on in our part of blogger town right now!!! But I do feel a bit of cabin fever sneaking in.

{page #2}


{Martha Stewart sticker letters; cut out this shape from the cardboard of a vintage roll of ribbon; the "grid" behind is drywall tape painted orange}

{cut out hand from paper bag & crinckled it. then rubbed it with brown shoe polish to age it. 3 black leather flowers for bracelet.}

{the bottom border is cut from a vintage pillow case I bought an an estate sale; lots of different textured ribbon, yarn & twine.}

{wrote lots of things that make me FELL happy; inspired by this tissue paper from papyrus}

{my very bright & colorful page}


Janelle said...

I am loving your pages!!! I wouldn't mind at all if you posted each page after you finished it! I think they are so creative, imaginative, and inspiring all at once! Great job! This is for a contest, right? Don't think about the big number, just do one at a time and before you know it you'll have them all done! I'm sure it's nice to have some creative fun to do especially now when there is no outside play. Hope your boys feel better soon!

Erin Neiner said...

Janelle: Thanks!! This isn't an official contest; just a group of people doing it, I guess. There is a flickr group where everyone is posting their pages also. It is on the upper right side of my blog. Thankfully, it is just for personal "pleasure." So if I need to skip a biggie!! You are right, though. It has been nice to have something to do to keep from feeling totally couped up!!

Beth said...

I really like how you brought out the sense of feel and the emotion of it as well. That fourth picture is a great shot! That fabric looks very cute.

journeyer said...

I too say - "Put them all up!"
Question for you: Are you putting them into some type of album, or how will you store/display them?

Erin Neiner said...

K: Good...I probably will be posting them all!! I will just be sure to not neglect my personal happenings! ;)

Right now I am sticking the pages in a 12x12 album with clear pages in it. It is obviously too big but it's keeping it protected. Some of the "girls" made their own by simply punching holes (3 or 5) and using individual rings and making the cover and back out of chipboard. I think this is the way I am going to go since I have "stuff" hanging off the sides. I'm just not sure that I want to punch holes in my pages...but its not like it's going to ruin know!!?? That might be just a little picky! :)

journeyer said...

I like the chipboard idea - becuase I like the idea of being able to feel the pages not letting that glossy protector get in the way, and you can put pockets on your pages that way too (To stick stuff in). If you don't want to punch holes in the art pages, you could consider still making the cover of chipboard, making it say 10x12 (larger than the pgs), and then creating uniform strips say 1 1/2 by 12 to punch the 3-5 holes in. Then, just adhere the completed art pages to these strips with your choice of adhesive (I would use splits). Not sure if that made sense. But, you'll have to let me know what you decide. :)

Loraena said...

I think it's just gorgeous - can't wait to see the rest.