Friday, October 05, 2007


Please enjoy my new list of "Artsy Blogs" I posted as a link list. There are many more out there, but these are some I have enjoyed on some of those sleepless nights or inspirational needed moments (which means, I am feeling crafty but in no way able to drag my stuff out right now!) Check back for more and PLEASE share any links, sites or blogs you have also fallen in love with for artful inspiration!!!

p.s. please know that posting these links does not mean that I necessarily endorse everything on that blog; but they should all be safe! :)


Tammy Schindel said...

I am so excited about your artsy blog fun! Did you write a comment for the Jesse tree??? Hope you all are doing well. How is little man Drew doing? Oh, Jon Deedrick was telling us about your comment on one of his office pictures. Haha...we got to talk about your hubby and the "glitzy" term that was bestowed on my hubby. We sure are enjoying having Jon D. in the ministry here! What a huge blessing he has been.

Beth and Jason said...

I can't wait!!! thanks Erin. Half the battle is dragging all the stuff out! One day when our kids are gone we'll use their bedrooms as our sewing/ craft rooms, but we'll be crying the whole time that our babies are all grown up! We'll have to keep in touch and go into business together some day. :)

Erin Neiner said...

Tammy: could you "expound" on the "Jesse tree?" I think I missed something! That's funny...about the glitzy comment. Well, his setup was quite impressive! It's hard to believe that Jon D. is old enough to be in the ministry!!! Wow...does that make ME feel old! :)

Beth: I know you have some good links in there...please share! :) I ALWAYS think of that when I fight the battle of wanting to "create"...I know I will miss these days down the road. Keep that opening for me for someday, though!! Imagine getting paid to do stuff like that!!

Beth and Jason said...

You HAVE to look at this site!