Sunday, October 14, 2007

Boy Stuff

ENJOY the rest of the videos I happened upon while looking through my Chicago files...that are 5 months old!

1. Getting ALL the Cousins to Smile for the camera AT the same time takes a combination of mommies, grandmas & aunts!!!

2. We were able to visit with our friends Scott Logan & Brion Yarnell. Brion just happened to be visiting Scott while we were also in Chicago (thus killing two birds with one stone...ha!ha!). Here is Scott, giving Drew his first singing lesson on Vibrato!

3. This was one of Jack's first "tastes" of human food! (back in the day before he ate) It is a Mexican Churro (I think...a pastry stick covered with cinnamon sugar) This cracked us up because he looks like a little puppy dog!!!

***special thanks to Beth's technical support in helping me figure out how to link!

1 comment:

Douglas Neiner said...

Jack's taste of real food is awesome! How funny!!!! Of course, the fact that my nephews are so adorable makes everything they do more intersting and funny! :)