Sunday, October 07, 2007

...and many more!

Better Late than Never...

My 28th Birthday was Sept. 23rd!!

In 2 years, I may not be admitting I even have a birthday!!!

~~the BIRTHDAY girl

~~the secret wish

~~chocolate always makes me happy!

~~~Jack's first chocolate cake!

~~my sweet husband

~~Drew waiting to dig in

~~Jack clapping with the singing

~~the gang

~~Cody doing his daily workout!

~~the final pieces to complete my Willow Tree Navity Collection:

~~a wonderful gift from my in-laws; business cards(through vistaprint) turned into Bible verse cards I can personalize.


~~Jack (the tears were from his arm being stuck in the highchair!)

~~the cake was from a great little bakery we just found out about.

~~Chocolate Mousse Cake, YUMMY!!!

~~Cody, I know how you feel!!!

***thanks, Doug, for the professional photography! :)


Stephanie (Wolynes) Steinbart said...

What a fun time! I can even say I have spent a birthday around the Neiner table! The pictures are so wonderful (as usual) and Cody is getting so big! He is adorable! I love your shirt too. What a great update on black! And now that I have given out a slew of compliments...I need some chocolate. That cake started something!! Wish I could have shared a piece with you!

Carrie said...

Beautiful photos and cake - Glad you had such a nice day!

hcummings23 said...

happy birthday! Erin!! looks like a fun day and the cake looks delish.
I love your "artsy blogs" too. I made the bacon and bean soup yesterday that I found on one of them and it was so good. the Whole fam loved it!
Your pictures are always great too! You look so pretty....

Beth and Jason said...

These are really great pics. I love how he captured the evening! Thank you for sharing it. Oh, and, happy birthday to you!

Sara said...

Happy LATE b-day Erin! I was just catching up with you, and I read all about your precious Drew. You have such a wonderful attitude about the whole thing, and God will surely use that for you to be a wonderful testimony to drs you likely wouldn't have come in contact otherwise. Caring for sick children is no easy task, bless your heart. You and Drew will be in my prayers!

Sara said...
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Loraena said...

looks like a GREAT birthday - your cake was beautiful - and looks delicious!

Happy (belated) birthday!!!

Loraena said...

PS - I have the Willow Tree nativity too! It is so pretty. Josh has been giving it to me little by little for several Christmases. I'm not sure I have those pieces though - I don't have the wise men, either...maybe this year. =D