Tuesday, February 27, 2007



Today marks the day of JACK being a part of our little fam for 4 months. Just physically, though. I just counted and he has been making himself known for 13 months total now! So, you see, 4 months is nothing when you see it in perspective! Those early days of nausea, then my growing belly, then the kicking and poking, the fatigue, leg cramps, swollen fingers (no wedding ring those last 2 months) & the final hours before he was really in our arms! All that wrapped up in this wonderful, precious gift! Sometimes these gifts can seem to overwhelm my day & my "flow" of life. But just when I feel frustration overcoming me, I try to stop and think, "Now what better thing would I be doing if I didn't have these boys to fuss over? So--- I spend my day wiping runny noses & cleaning messy diapers & doing endless loads of laundry & striving to create a haven for a home & cook nutritious meals & put out baked goodies & keep the boys rooms picked up & all the while keeping a smile on my face! So it's tough & lonely sometimes. SO WHAT! There is truly no greater reward than when I get a gummy smile from Jack & a sweet, "I like you sooooo much, mommy" from drew. In case ANY of you out there are wondering, IT IS ALL WORTH IT!!!!!


a Jack weighs appx. 16lbs. (weighed right after a feeding)

a His ticklish spot is under his chin

a He loves to be with the family at the dinner table

a It has been said that he looks like his grandpa quinn's baby pictures. I think he might also have his irish tenor vocal cords; jack was "singing" along with me the other day! (watch out, Wrigley Field!)

This is how I usually find his socks!
(although they are not typically found together!)
He is a little kicker!!!

So far, this seems to be Jack's favorite little toy.
He holds these little "oooohing" converstaions with it & slobbers it to death! It is very cute.
Drew loves to help out, but has learned to keep his distance during bath time. Jack decided to test his "plumbing" during his first bath & it ended up all over Drew. He was a good sport about it & thought is was very funny!

But I really don't want to take my nap!!

OK, maybe I do after all! I LOVE my sleep!

"Hey, Mom, you want ME in this picture?"

And Drew would want me to show off his new little scratch on his arm that has fascinated him all day!

P.S. We finally got our new camera! We bought a Nikon Coolpix L6, for those interested! This is the 1st post using it. I am still learning all the ins & outs...but it has video mode...so watch out! I might be a little video happy once I figure out how to blog it!


Debbie Griffin said...

Sarah is 6 weeks and seems to be in a growth spurt...thank you for the encouragement! How I needed it!

Stephanie (Wolynes) Steinbart said...

PLEASE post a video!!Yea!! I can't wait to see your boys in action. Jack is SO big! His cheeks alone could have outweighed Drew and Canon! He is growing up so fast and Drew looks like he's like 8 or something. I like his hair in the picture of his wound. For laughs: Canon has been calling me Ruby and himself Max (from our beloved TV show, Max and Ruby) for the past 4 days. The funniest part - Chris is known as Louise, my bunny girlfriend. I think Canon could use some male playmates...

Tammy Schindel said...

Those boys are absolutely adorable! Thanks for your sweet post. Isn't it amazing how we can sometimes think we are the only ones going through trials? With sick kids, I can only imagine the sleepless nights you are having! I am praying that soon Jack will recover and no more bugs for the Neiner household! By the way, tell John he is a LIFESAVER and has demonstrated makrothumia well to my husband over these last two weeks! The brochure looks incredible.

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Happy 4 months Jack!! I want to lay a big smacker on those precious cheeks of his! Drew seems to be such a sweet big brother. I started sticking AJ in the bath with Olivia - and the first thing she does is "cover him" with a washcloth-- "fool me once..." I want to see those videos of the little Neiner men :) Thanks for the encouraging words. Your work is noble and it is sacred! Love you my friend!

Conleys said...

I love the picture of Jack sucking his thumb. That is so cute. The camera looks like it's doing a great job. Thanks for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin,

I came upon your blog while on another friends blog. Your boys are just precious! Not sure if you rememeber me but I thought I would say hi. I have 11 month old twin girls Makenzie and Makayla. I have a blog for them as well...isn't it fun!
Tami (Benson)Boyd

vallen said...

wow, those babies are the epitome of the irish look

Jill King said...

Hope he sings at Wrigley when a real team (STL Cardinals) are in town! =) Love the pics and note!