Friday, February 23, 2007

A Bit About Myself

I'm IT in the cyberspace game of TAG! The title is Things I've Never the nap I was going to go catch this afternoon! But now I better finish what I've started! Thanks Loraena! :) Here goes nothing:

1. Which dramatic role have I never had?
a. Rumpelstiltskin, title role, 4th grade skit
b. Amaryllis, piano lesson girl in "The Music Man", 6th grade, community musical
c Fairy in "Dance of the Swan" , 3rd grade ballet
d. Emily in "Our Town," high school play

NONE. The first thing I remember being in was the 2nd grade Thanksgiving play our class did. I was a mother, that's all I really remember. And we sang "We Gather Together." As I got into high school, my "acting career" started, and ended! :) I was in some kind of acting scene every year for competition (A Midsummers Night Dream, The Importance of Being Earnest, The Heiress, Pilgrims Progress). We also had a fabulous english teacher who put on a HS play each year. This was the highlight of our spring! Some of the plays were Esther, Lady Jane Eyre...ok, this is a great brain exercise! I can't think of the others at the moment, but we did one each year! For some reason, I was ALWAYS casted the "evil role." It was either my great acting ability...or it just came so naturally??? Hmmm...??? I wasn't able to do anything in college. Just too busy, I guess, and not really that good at it when in the "big" fish bowl! I did LOVE it and have so many great memories of all the practices and performances! Sidenote: my dad was just in "Our Town" 2 years ago. Not as Emily, though, of course.

2. On which athletic team did I never compete?
a. softball
b. field hockey
c. tennis
d. swimming

C. & D. if you count high school PE where we played A & B. We loved floor was pretty brutal among high school girls, as you could imagine! That was where we got down & dirty! :) Although I did compete on our V.Ball team for 7 years (jr. high, hs, 1 yr. of college) and played soccer for 3 years of college. Those 2 sports are by far my FAVORITE!!! Something I definitely miss doing! We did have a tennis court across from our house, but nothing more than summertime fun. And we did visit the local public pool regularly on those hot summer days. Although I NEVER went off the high dive! Something I kind of regret to this day...I even managed to get up to the top one day...but never jumped! Oh well...I am just a big scardy cat when it comes to heights!

3. What kind of lessons have I never taken?
a. piano
b. riding
c. tap dance
d. etiquette

Never taken b, c, or d. I took piano in 3rd grade and practiced at home on a little key board. I think it only had 2 octaves. Then I started up again in high school and took all 4 years. No piano in college. I really do wish I would have stuck with it more as I am weekly reminded of how much practice I need. I love to play but am so rusty in the theory dept. I never competed in High School and I think only played one offertory. There were so many "better" pianists my age, so I never persued it heavily. But even the little bit has payed off as I play 3 times a week for our church! As for the horse, that has a great story! Never lessons, but the last time I rode a horse was in college on my first date (off campus) with John. We went to a friends farm to go horse back riding. Well, lets just say my horse spooked amd took off across the field back to the barn, while brushing me off its back from a tree it ran under. It left me knocked out, a branch sticking an inch away from my right eye, and 2 broken fingers! (those were my first broken bones!) So...needless to say, that was the last time I have been on a horse. Although I do hope to someday get up on another one! (maybe I should have stuck to the high dive jumping! still scary...but a much softer fall!)

4. Which type of vehicle have I never driven?
a. stick shift car
b. dirt bike
c. pickup truck
d. ATV

I have driven all 4! Although I don't know if you could call it actually driving for all of them! The stick shift...which I still don't know how to drive, was my dear friend Steph's boyfriends (now husband)car. At Northland he tried teaching us...and it ended in many, many laughs! Dirt bike & ATV were driven at friends of ours here. They live on about 30acres with trails and he has all the toys (including snowmobiles!) Again, not knowing how to drive stick, I didn't make it very far on the dirt bike! The ATV's are pretty fun. I like the 2-ups especially! And the pickup truck I used to do deliveries when I worked at the lighting store (b4 kids, john & i worked there together)

5. What is my favorite genre of literature?
a. historical fiction
b. science fiction
c. romantic fiction
d. nonfiction sci fi here! Although I have seen a couple things that has not made me totally hate it. I just don't think it would ever be worth it for me to invest the time that reading takes. Even though history was one of my least favorite subjects (sorry, dad!) I do really enjoy stories set in war times. No romance flings here...unless it is intertwined with a great solid story! And I would probably say I have read a lot of non-fiction over the course of my days. I did just save my college american lit book because I want to reread some of those great classics! And I have all my side notes in it still!



Tammy Schindel said...

I did not realize until the other night that you had a blog site. I happened across it while I was trying to start afresh with a new blogsite. It has been so fun to read your blogs-you have done such a good job. David and I really enjoyed the pictures of the boys and we were so sad to read how sick your munchkins were recently. Looks like I have joined the blogspot bloggers now also since our former host bit the dust.

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Steph---you assume so much...I was talking about...SPRING! (wink!)