Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It Was A Good Year

Well, I have been on a blog-break with everything going on. And I am realizing how very much I'm missing the digital camera! So, since I cannot yet post any current photos, I decided to pull up some pictures throughout this past year and give you a month-by-month overview of 2006 with the Neiner's.


Drew testing the chocolate chip cookie dough

Visiting Carrie & Brion for New Years

Drew's 1st "Piano Lesson"

Our Neighbors' 11 foot snowman

Our very own snowmommy!


Drew & his best buddy, Pixel
(who is a penguin, not a duck!)

I took these Valentine shots of Drew. I made the heart by melting 2 all white candy canes together (facing each other in 300f oven until melted). The "X & O" were just wooden letters. This picture gives me hope this is what he'll think of the girls'...at least for awhile! :)



Memorium: This is a picture of my grandfather's gravestone. I was only in 3rd grade when we were at this gravesight to bury him. This picture, however, was taken on the day we buried my Gramma Quinn in March 2006. It had been 17 years since my grandfather had passed away. Up to this point, my Gramma Quinn was very much a part of our lives. She lived right next door to us all my life and we were always running errands with her or helping her out around the yard or in the house. We also spent every Christmas Eve at her home and she spoiled us every New Years Eve with 13lbs. of shrimp. She kept the pride of our Irish heritage alive, and was the biggest Chicago Cubs' fan through thick & thin. A chapter of my life came to a close with my Gramma's departure. But the memories, her lively spirit & extravagant giving will always remain in my heart.

Drew turns 2: we had a little b.day party with the Quinn's at my brother's house while in Chicago for the funural. Drew blew his candle out all by himself! It was aslo a perfect change of pace to lift our spirits during this sad time.

Granpa Quinn flew out to visit for Drew's actual birthday.
It was a good thing he came to help me out with Drew's party because I was so sick with my pregnancy.


Our church's face lift: we have been renting this building for the past 15 years and then the owners' gave it to us! That's right! Since it dates back to the beginning of the century, there were A LOT of updates needed & required. This was the 1st phase: new siding & a steeple. It has been so exciting to see the provision of the Lord through each stage of our New England church.

Drew climbing at Uncle Brian's climbing wall.

Drew's favorite place to eat...E-I-E-I-O (a.k.a. McDonalds).

Mothers' Day
I was 4 months pregnant with Jack here!

The Ultra Sound says ~It's A Boy~


This was one of our summer projects. We added the stone "wall" along the path to our front door.

Drew on Easter Sunday

Dinner at JACK'S GRILL for dad's birthday.


We took the plunge & entered the Van Club!

At the 4th of July Parade

Cooling off with the Miss Spider sprinkler

Drew's 1st Minor League Baseball Game


At Doug & Crystal's wedding, Drew gave his 1st Kiss to the flower girl! (So much for girls' having cooties!)

A visit from our good friend, Pastor Dave Schindel.
He was the assistant pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Williston, VT
when John did his college internship. He is now pastoring in TN. He taught Drew some very life-changing things like, "See ya 'round town, clown!!!"
The Big E

Farewell Party for the Boardman's

Harvest Party

Painting the Nursery Stripes

All ready for church!

Jack's Arrival
Our sweet little bundle

Gramma Quinn visits to see her grandsons
(and daughter, of course)

Our Home-Grown Pumpkin Patch

Mommy & Drew matching
The best gifts EVER!

"Sleep in Heavenly Peace"



Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Erin-- I love this post! It made me smile. Isn't it amazing how quickly our babies grow? Jack is a thumb sucker alright! AJ is starting to stick one finger in his mouth-- it's so cute.

Debbie Griffin said...

I absolutley love the pictures! You guys are adorable! What an amazing thing to see where the Lord has brought you! He is so good!

Loraena said...

Yay! You're back - I've missed your posts. Loved this one though. You certainly had an eventful year.

Thanks so much for your encouraging post on my own blog!

PS - your church building is really cute. What a blessing, to have it given to you! Our church is currently looking and praying for a new place to meet since we have outgrown our current rental facility and there are some other reasons we need to move too. But this is a pricy area - the building committee is looking and we're all praying and trusting the Lord.

Stephanie (Wolynes) Steinbart said...

Hey! This is an awesome journal of your fam's life! I cannot wait to meet your boys someday...soon hopefully! I'll be talking to you soon!

Conleys said...

Those are great pics of the year in review. Good way to catch up too!

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Me again! I forgot to comment on the picture that made me laugh the most-- John and the stripes!!! He looks like he's so fed up with blue tape. I don't know why that cracked me up so much-- it just did. It's like I was expecting to scroll down and see Drew taped with stripes. Stripes stripes everywhere!