Monday, January 29, 2007


" P O O R B A B Y "
Well, when it is all said and done, Drew's week was pretty lousy!
Here is a little overview of what his past week was like:

one sick boy
on the 2nd bottle of Benadryl
about half way through the bottle of Dimetapp
went through 4 boxes of kleenex
filled up the humidifier at least 2x every day
sat on the couch for at least 1/2 of each day
lots of DVD's
had to go see the dr. on the weekend
missed a whole week of church
got the red, kleenex burn under the nose
took nice, long naps! ;) (love that medicine!)
listened to the same Patch the Pirate tape probably 20 times
(thanks, Gramma Jo!)
couldn't kiss mommy, daddy or baby jack all week
went through 3 bottles of juice
a diet that consisted of chicken soup, toast & crackers

and in the end...he made it (and so did I)!!! Drew even got to spend the afternoon with Gramma Jo today as a celebration (i.e. make up promise from last week...b4 he got sick!) and now he was so kind to share his sickness with his mommy! Hopefully it will stop here! The Lord was good to give us much needed extra rest & John was a great help as always with the "extra's" that seem to go astray when someone is sick!


Future of Hope said...


It is so nice to meet you (via, blog style, anyway).

Thanks for visiting my blog; I need to post more often!

By the way, you have two adorable little boys with very awesmome names. How old are they?

As you can tell by my site, my Andrew has had a pretty rough winter. It is really tough when our little ones are sick, but I am so thankful for the opportunity to cuddle with them and care for them.

God bless!

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear you have had a sick little one. My oldest has been really sick the last three days too. Thanks so much for contacting me. I shared your comment from my blog with my husband, and it meant a lot. Thanks for letting us know your dad's name. :-) Kris was wondering what it was. He doesn't remember hearing your dad's name, but that doesn't mean he didn't when he was younger. Kris is going to ask his oldest brother Karl if he remembers.

As far as music goes for the kids, if you can find a Kindermusik teacher in your area, that would be my #1 recommendation. It's the best! I hope that helps. Contact me again with anymore questions.

Thanks again for contacting me. It was a special week for remembering my in-laws. Kris' mom died 7 yrs. ago on Jan. 25. My sister-in-law, Karmen Jordan, is listed on my site under "friends," and she did a neat tribute to Mom. We appreciated hearing special things about Dad from you.

Andrea Stephens

Shannon said...

Sorry you both have been sick! It makes you really appreciate feeling better when you finally do. We'll pray that Jack and John will stay healthy!

Anonymous said...

Aww you poor things! We were both sick last week too, although I'm back to good health and Josh is on the mend. It's certainly not fun. Glad Drew is doing better and hope you are feeling better soon!

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Poor little Drew!! I'm glad he's feeling better. Olivia was on benedryl last week too! She was so pitiful-- big tears were running down her cheeks, and she sat there with her wash cloth rubbing them away. Jack is so adorable. I would love to get a picture of him and AJ together. Already 12 lbs at 2 months! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Drew is better. Hope you begin to feel better too!

Bonnie Johnson said...

Hi!!! It's your old roomie, Bonnie! How in the world are you doing??? Well, it sounds like things are at least going better with your sick little one. You'll have to visit our blog sometime.

Bonnie Johnson

NorthernChic said...

Hey Erin...well, that almost sounds like me, with the exception of I still had to work (even on meds:) and I didn't get to take lots of naps and watch tv all day:) In two days, I went through 2 boxes of kleenex. My nose still hurts from the blowing, but after 3 1/2 weeks of being sick and a second doctor's appt (with other trips for test...thankfully no co-pay for those) I think this rounds of meds are working:) And guess what, it's almost ALL allergies! urr!! SO, I am feeling a lot more like me. So sorry for the lil' guy, but sometimes from an adults perspective, I almost feel WORSE for the parents!! Well, you get some rest too hon!! ttyl, Dana:)

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Dear Friend! I just wanted to stop by and offer my condolences on the game last night :)