Sunday, January 28, 2007

Growing Baby

These pictures are actually from last month when Jack turned 2 months. (I know, it's sounds so monumental...and any mom of a newborn knows how true it is!!) So I figured since he hasn't changed too much this past month I'd post them in honor of his 3 month b-day which was sat. the 27th.


I can't wait till Jack is ready to use this! I first saw this on Jenny Muth's blog and we got one for Jack for Christmas. I've tried him on it a couple of times but he's still a bit wobbly on it. I have heard great things about this...for all you mom's out there!


Jack has such an easy going & happy personality already. He loves to find Drew in the room and liberally gives his mommy & daddy smiles. He has even started laughing here and there.
When I see this picture it reminds me of when Drew says, "I will protect you, baby Jack! I will watch over you!" He is already his little watch guard!

Jack is definitely a thumb-sucker! This was the first time I caught him with his thumb and it has been his (and my) best friend since! Once he finds that thumb, he's knocked out! Although in his attempts, if you notice the position of his hand, he wakes up with many new scratches in the mornings!

STATS @ 2 months:

[weight] 12lbs. 12oz.

[length] 24"


Anonymous said...

hey, your Bumbo is WAAAY cooler than ours! yours is a super shade of green, and ours is a wimpy shade of aqua! Aaron is now a major escape artist, and can wiggle free from the Bumbo if he has 2 seconds of unattended time. YIKES

Anonymous said...

Cutie Patootie!! I just want to scoop him up and give him a big kiss on those chubby cheeks! Praise the Lord he has chubby cheeks! I think Canon weighed 12 lbs. at 20 months...jk, but pretty close! How's the basement? Post some "progress" pics.

Erin Neiner said...

Jen: I did like the aqua...but your'e right, it wasn't as "vivid" as the green now that I think of it. Also, the green matched Jack's room & had an elephant on it (his room theme). How perfect!

Steph: don't worry, the little boy gets SO MANY kisses on those cheeks of his! They are irresistable! Nothing new on the basement yet...contractor came today and talked through how to get from point A to Z! Looks like we need to jack the house up b4 we start major renivations. It has settled over the years due to a crack in the foundation. This is the 1st step & unfortunately won't be able to happen till early spring. So we'll have plenty of time to consolodate our "stuff" & plan what we want for down there.