Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yarnell/Rauba Wedding

We had such a fun time at Brion Yarnell's wedding in PA!!! It was a busy, crazy time but so good to see many of our friends from Northland such as: Stephen & Shannon [Chaney] Conley, Scott & Lindsay Logan, Ricki Blaha, Sarah Gearhart, Emily Yarnell [sorry, Em, can't remember your married name], Stephanie [Totaro] Gardner & of course, Brion! Sorry if I have forgotten anyone! John was a groomsman and Drew was one of the ring bearers, so I had my hands full. But with help from Shannon & Lindsay, things went pretty smooth. Also, this may be the last blog for a little bit [at least with current pictures] since we came home to water in our basement ...and the digital camera ended up in the water while taking "insurance" pictures...and now does not work! No fun...I'll have to go buy some 35mm film...do they still have that out there?? :)


Brion & Carrie with the kiddo's: Michael, Drew [ring bearers] & Ava [flower girl]

The 2 Ring Bearers

Drew & Michael were quite opposite, so they were very cute together. Michael just stood in amazement with his big eyes as Drew ran circles around & around. But in the end they both did a fabulous job!

Ava stood in between the boys and held their hands down the aisle. It worked out really well and she did such a great job. She also looked so beautiful! She is Brion's second cousin.

The bodice on her dress is probably the most beautiful I have seen!

BRIDESMAID'S BOUQET: glittery & sparkly

Drew with the bride & groom

Brion was so great with Drew! Everytime Drew saw Brion, he put out both hands and said, "Hold me!!!" In the craziness of everything going on, Brion almost always "gave in" to his request.

3 of the "Quadrivium:" the final hurrah

John, Stephen & Scott

In college, Stephen was fondly nicknamed Superman. So we told Drew that he was going to meet "Superman" at the wedding. Just this morning Drew brought me a little superman toy and said, "Look, Mommy, it's Stephen!"

Mr. & Mrs. Rauba

Carrie's parents are no strangers to us. We were able to stay at their house last year when we came to visit Brion and Carrie for New Years Eve. Mrs. Rauba was like Drew's extended Grandma. I also knew them from years ago. They went to the church I grew up in and I actually babysat for Carrie & Laura (her younger sister) when they were like 4 & 2 years old. It was so funny when Brion first told us who he was dating! I couldn't believe it!!

Just before the ceremony...family pep talk for Drew!

Drew looking as handsome as his daddy

happy jack

Drew praying at the reception


Shannon said...

Those pictures told the story well of the weekend. I'm so sorry you came home to a flooded basement, as if you need one more thing to do after coming home from a trip. We'll be right over to help! :) I never heard the story that you knew Carrie and Laura before - small world! I just love that pic of Drew praying..but it was so much cuter in person, he was so sincere. Tell him that Superman is says hi. I can't believe I live with him myself. :)

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Those pictures are sooo cute! I am very jealous that you got to see so many wonderful people from way back when. Yeah for Brion! It sure looked like a beautiful wedding. I love the picture of Drew holding the flower girl's hand. What a little charmer!! His expression is so adorable. Also-- where did you get Jacks pants? I have never seen that grey/plaid print in infant pants-- so cute. Sorry about your camera-- do you think insurance will cover it? Maybe that's a stretch-- I mean hey-- you wouldn't have dropped it in the water if the water had not been there! Keep posting though-- pics or no pics!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin,
This is Becky (Cutter) Highsmith. I was surfing around some blogs of people I knew from Marquette and came across your blog. Your boys are adorable. Your sister found me on myspace and told me you just had your second recently. I have 2 girls and they keep me quite busy at home. Well, I just thought I would say hello.

journeyer said...

I LOVE the pict of Drew praying. And thanks for the rest of the picts too.

Anonymous said...

It was great to talk with you yesterday. I think it was yesterday...and I don't even have a 3 month old to blame for my brain!!:)
Yes, Canon wears crocs and I LOVE them. They are the only shoes we have for him. They are awesome for their foot development (almost like being barefoot) and are so easy to clean. In our climate, they are perfect shoes. He wears the same 2 pairs year round with or without socks. I guess we are kinda crunchy.
Great fam picture! Everyone looks great and is smiling. Whew! Cherish that picture! Drew needs a pal like Canon to run with. Since we never walk...
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

great pictures!!! congrats to Brion & his new wife! Is your basement okay yet?

Anonymous said...

Hi Quinny,
just checking in to say hi. The wedding looked really nice and I know Drew was a great ringbearer! Also, I gotta tell ya, Jon's robot guy is amazing! I hope he wins the contest. I had no idea that "hobby" even existed. Well, have fun in chilly New England for us. GO BEARS.

Anonymous said...

it was so awesome to see you guys and we're so anxious and excited for the next time the Lord brings us together! :) love you guys!!

Natalie said...

What a beautiful family you have!

Elata said...

This is great info to know.

Anonymous said...

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