Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"...because Big Boots mean an Adventure."

"Sometimes life takes you uphill. 
And it's just plain hard. 
But I can guarantee it will be better going
 if you wear happy, yellow boots."

Welcome, Spring. We are fully embracing you. Puddles and all. Does this mean I must come out of my cyber-hybernation? (that sounds like it could be a song right out of the 90's) 

*photo via Instagram


Mary Ann said...

Love the pic - isn't instragram fun? And that's a great quote...yellow boots always make me think of Curious George for some reason :-)
Happy spring to you!

Richele said...

Yes, looked out the window and thought, 'Guess we'll have to make our own sunshine today.' Nice to see you are making yours as well.

Beth said...

HA! I might join you. I've been trying to get up the courage "to come back" myself. I blame my iphone for my shift in attentions. My time has been divided to many other things lately and it's about time to come back, maybe. maybe.

Erin Neiner said...

Mary Ann: YES!!! Instagram (IG) is SO FUN! I love how it captures the moment...and being able to post it immediately is quite rewarding. :) It's nice to have familiar faces over there!

R: Caiden's smile is always that sunshine, as you know. Even if it has a mischief slant to it! ;)

Beth: I KNOW!!! I was lamenting that very same thing to John, and being the practical male that he is, reminded me that I do not have to catch up, or apologize for not posting in some time. But rather to pick it up whenever I can. It's like that journal that I can write in almost daily for weeks...and then not touch it for nearly a year. :)

YaSenceNe said...

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