Thursday, April 28, 2011


Happy 19 months old, Caiden!

I wanted to take this special opportunity to share one of Caiden's FIRSTS. 
No, it has nothing to do with words or food or inches. Rather, this little boy climbed up the ladder to his brothers top bunk. Then, according to a witness, proceeded to walk around, tripping on a bear and came tumbling down super man style after a somersault. I was not in the room. But I heard the thud...cry...and Caiden met me in the hall with tears streaming down. I am pretty sure the wind got knocked out of him and he has a bump on his head to show for it. But somehow, other than that, he is fine. The dr. did the full check because I was particularly scared about him hitting his head. But no signs of concussion. I was quite shaken up and I thought the scare of a fall would slow him down. But he seems to have been given wings in his new limitless discovery because he has been climbing onto everything he can get his hands and feet on. (he even revisited the ladder to the bunk...but did not get far at all! mom is keeping a hawk's eye on this one for awhile!) 

Busy days all around. Sandwiched with beautiful weather (in between the rain) and homeschooling and a husband that is working an inordinate amount of hours...we're hoping things will start to balance out a teeny bit as we march through Spring. 


Mary Ann said...

Praise the Lord that Caiden checked out ok! What a fearless boy - that will be a great character trait someday :-)
I know what you mean about hoping for balance to come to your life. Work seems to get in the way sometimes doesn't it? My husband is dealing with the same thing...someday it will all straighten out!

kellyH said...

our little ones getting hurt & sick must be the very hardest thing about mommying! so glad your little guy is ok. I dread having a "climber" because they definitely have the potential to add some extra gray hairs. :)

Gizem Gürler said...

To be a mom is very hard I can guess. Hope he would be more careful besides his fearless :)