Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today, I get a day off.

I am going back in time and pretending like I only have one child because Drew & Jack went on a field trip with their grandparents to a sheep farm.

So, I am going to get some much-needed rest. Take a long, hot shower in the middle of the day. Do a bit of laundry and top-cleaning. Meet John for lunch. Browse at the library. Stop in at Salvation Army for a great find. Put my feet up and read with hot green tea. And just enjoy the quiet for today.

I did finally have a chance to read through, uninterrupted, while being able to link around, on this online *fantastic* downloadable magazine. If you have a spare (few) moments, take a peak. It's so much fun!!! LMNOP magazine. (*note: issue 8 was great. NYC, spring-time faves, children's interviews, etc...)

Although I often *wish* for these long, quiet days, I sure am not so motivated in them! And I know after today, I will miss the running in circles, endless questions, showing me the newest magic trick, guessing which super-hero-he-is-today kind of happenings that I am so accustomed to. Yes. There is really no going back. Once they're here, you're heart (no matter how bad of a day it has been) is never the same.

Well, I better get moving. I have a feeling I could absolutely waste this day away. And although I intend to absorb it slowly, I do want to have something to show forth!

Even if you don't get a whole day off today, take 5 mins to do something creative, refreshing or restful. Step outside by yourself and breathe in the sunshine. Leave a love note for someone. Lie down and close your eyes and dream of being far, far away. Doodle. Email someone an encouraging note. Reflect on a very favorite trip you went on. Tell a happy story about your childhood.

Very often I think I need hours and days and weeks to get everything done, but I'm re-learning to recapture those intermingled 5 mins throughout the day and make them count.

Happy day to you.

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