Friday, March 19, 2010

stands for:

:number of years we have celebrated Drew's birth.

:number of years we have called ourselves parents.

:number of years (and many more to come) we have used car seats, high chairs, bibs, swings, bouncy seats, strollers, slings, baby tubs, diapers, wipes, cream, bubble bath, bulb syringe, rectal thermometer, little potty, tummy medicine, teethers, rattles, swaddlers, diaper bags, onesies, footed pj's, board books, flap books, squishy toys, furry toys, toys that make noise and light up, blocks, wooden animals, wooden rings, wooden food, schleich, playmobil, eric carle, winnie the pooh, beatrix potter, mother goose...and so much more I am sure.

But this year *6* feels like it is really moving into it's own direction. Leaving the "baby" things behind and progressing so quickly my head is spinning. We are in a whole new stage, which means times awaiting will no doubt be exciting, scary, fearful, wonderful, adventurous, frustrating, trying, joyful, tearful and full of learning. It's going to look like school, reading, math, world view, God's point of view, recorded history, loving & reaching out to others, showing forth the Gospel through our life, pulling your weight, giving up for others, leadership, travel, experience, try, fail, try again, bond, connect, communicate, feel, figuring out, dealing, waiting. All the while learning that balance of freely being a child while taking on the necessary responsibilities. Even though most days I get into my groove and easily loose sight of the sensitive nature of being a parent, these are the [pause] moments of life that bring back the reality of what's real, what's happening right here and right now, and remembering that every single word, action & decision on my part has a direct reaction & influence on our children. Sobering is what it is. Why do I so easily forget?

OK. And on the lighter side, I'd like to remember 6 things I didn't have as a first-time mother just 6 years ago---and not sure how I'd do without them now:

1. A Bumbo Chair.
2. Robeez crib shoes.
3. Method products.
4. A Sling.
5. Sophie, the giraffe.
6. A Blog.
(ok. and practically speaking, a dvd player in our van)

*what secret weapons have you added to your parenting arsenal over the (weeks, months, years)?

ps. due to the fact that I didn't have a blog at the time of drew's birth, I am pondering posting his birth story. just to warn you...

pps. one of the things I hope I ALWAYS remember about Drew on this birthday was that he split his first birthday check with his brother because he felt bad Jack wouldn't have any money to get a new toy. how sweet is that?


Chastity Gomez said...

I think this is one of my favorite posts by you! It was so sweet it made me cry! Motherhood and children truly are GIFTS...

Erin Neiner said...

Thanks, Chas!!! My heart was full and this was what out-poured! I know you *understand* this season of motherhood well! :)

Beth said...

Sometimes I don't comment, Erin, just because I have absolutely nothing to add or don't know what else can be said... this was a very special post. I'm right with you on EVERYTHING! perfectly put.