Friday, November 20, 2009

Thankful for

*baby caiden: our 2month-old, thumb-sucker,
through-the-night sleeper (8 hours!),
steal-our-hearts-smiler, loves-to-eat,
cries-everytime-mama-leaves-the-house baby.


Beth said...

no way!!! how can it be? 2 months old already? he's adorable. I know those thumbs are addicting, but thumb suckers and just so stink'n cute (I should know since I have 2! That's enough for me though. I'm already prepared with several different pacifier choices to "force" on baby Isaac! I hope you're getting sleep now and that noone else is sick at your house!

suzanne said...

I've really been enjoying your thankfulness posts! And this picture is the sweetest thing ever!