Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Season of Thankfulness

Well, Fall is well into gear here and we're already past the beautiful new england colors and pumpkins. So onto Thanksgiving, and with that always come the reminder to be thankful. And so much have I to be thankful for. And something I have been reminded of is that it is so very dangerous to forget.
to forget.
It sounds all too profound, doesn't it? But when we forget, we tend to get away from the importance and impact that those things has had in our life. I had recently come across a blessing box I made some years ago. I had cut up all the random magazines I had and was using the pictures as reminders for recording special blessings and provisions from the Lord and others. I am a very visual learner, so this was quite motivating for me. But it had been packed away for some time thus leaving quite a lapse in recordings. So I dusted it off and the boys and I went to it. The best part was reading all the old cards to the boys which filled us witg reminders of our bountiful blessings.
Many I would have forgotten about.
Some, I will never forget.
So, though I don't know how many little "thankful cards" I'll get to filling out this month, I am going to dedicate the rest of this month's blog to a DAILY THANKFULNESS theme. I will be {attempting} to do a simple post each day until Thanksgiving with a single picture and a single word of my thankfulnesses.
Hope you'll join me in your own heart & way of REMEMBERING.
{Blessing Box How-To}
1. Use a cardboard box with lid top; can be purchased at craft-supply store.
2. Cover as desired: mod-podge is my favorite glue + coating to use.
3. Buy a pack of blank 3x5 cards; cut in half (if desired).
4. Using an exacto knife, cut a slit in box top wide enough to ensure the card fits
through. (this makes it particularly fun for the kids).
5. Fill the box with blank cards (don't forget the date), magazine cut-outs, glue stick, scissors & pen.
There you have it!


Beth said...

Love it!

Chastity Gomez said...

I am going to do this blessing box with the kids starting tomorrow! What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing:)

Erin Neiner said...

Yay, Chas! I think you'll love doing it!!! :) Please post pics, and let me know!