Saturday, September 19, 2009

"We're On Our Way...the Mission of the Day"

I'm posting in between contractions.

This one, is for certain - different.

I had to be induced with the first two pregnancy's, so this should be interesting! I am still at home, enjoying the beautiful and sunny fall day from the couch this moment, waiting for the next contraction-while the world stops for a moment-then to write it down on my little piece of paper-all the while watching the clock for the 5-min. apart timing so we can head out!

It's funny. I have thought about and worried about this pregnancy the least of any of the other ones. Perhaps it is due to the somewhat familiarity of having "been there and done that." But, when it comes down to it, it is upon us, and is really out of my control. What wonderful things, like this, that come into our life as we sail along, to remind us that we have a wonderful Heavenly Father to rely on in times of need. This day, no doubt, will be a moment by moment reminder of that for me. And then, Lord willing, holding our little miracle will bring it all to fruition.

Hopefully, there will be good news soon!!!


skB said...

oh my goodness!!! Praying for you and can't wait to see pictures!!! Our little guys HAVE to meet someday--so that we can finally meet eachother too:) Enjoy every minute--I know you will!

Richele said...

What a post to have pop up in my little reader! The prayers here are all for you and your family and the attending nurses and doctor. Will try to patiently await the good news!

As my doula said, " relax some more."


Ben and Carissa said...

This is so exciting! I just saw your status on fb and rushed here to see if you posted another tid-bit! What an journey pregnancy is and WHAT a finish! As I type, I don't know if you are holding your new little baby or still in the mind-blowing process, but know the Lord is with you all the way! Congratulations! Enjoy every coo and squeek!

Katie said...

Congratulations! Hope things are going well!

I was induced with Luke, so was wondering what would happen with Simon. I crack up, in hindsight, looking at the post-it note where we recorded my contractions. They were 1-2 min. apart, and I was wondering if we should go to the hospital yet. I was so afraid of getting there too early! :)

LMLogan said...

yay!!!! waiting anxiously to hear all the news! :)