Sunday, September 27, 2009

CAID-1 week young

{It's funny. He doesn't seem that "roly-poly" to me. But then I look at the pictures and it always surprises me. Maybe it's because I spend most of my time appx. 6 inches away from his face.}

{His sweet little acorn hat knit by his aunt amber. This was actually Jack's that I pulled out. I just love it for our little fall baby!}

{pure sweetness}



"May you be blessed with a child
who is full of grace and merriment,
and endowed with the countenance
of its lovely mother."

-J. Karon

{I don't know about that last part; we think he's going to look like his daddy}


sb said...

Congratulations, John & Erin! Beautiful pictures...beautiful boys :-)
You're doing a great job raising an army for the Lord!!!

Charity Burkett said...

He is just gorgeous. I love looking at the baby pictures. You are so creative! Looks like you are doing just fine adjusting to 3 boys! By the way, you look great!!

Chastity Gomez said...

That acorn hat is SO cute! He is an adorable little man!

skB said...

oh, he is pure sweetness! Love that orange on him! And the hat. . .delish!

jeileenbaylor said...

What a sweetie!