Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well, Hello there, little blog.
And my fellow bloggers.
It's been awhile, huh!
A loooooong while!

But here I am...still incubating this baby awaiting any day for his arrival.
Last night, we thought it was it. For about an hour, I was feeling the beginning of contractions---which of course resulted in nothing more than some ugly braxton hicks. But that, thankfully, means things are a-moving along! The dr. says I'm 2cm/50% effaced---for the record, so we'll see! It would have been cool for a Neiner to be born on 9.9.09. Oh well.

I really cannot believe the time has come.
When I think about it, it has slipped by me so quickly. Maybe that is because this is the 3rd and even though you try hard to absorb every special moment, life is just plain busier with two other children running around. I remember in the beginning of this pregnancy, I would literally feel like I would forget that I was pregnant, of course, until my nausea convinced me otherwise! Then I started showing and thought, Oh yeah, that's why nothing fits me the right way anymore. Then the end which has resulted in a complete house refurbishing---so it seems.

The boys are now in their desired bunk beds. The bunk was John's from growing up---which he fondly shared with his younger brother. So many stories have overflowed from painting and putting that thing together. In which I know our boys will share their own memories---one's we will probably not even find out about until they are in their 20's and know they are safe to finally share with mom and dad! Drew seems so grown up all of a sudden. Taking on a new kind of brotherhood with Jack. And Jack seems so little in his "big-boy bed" which the comforter almost completely swallows him. But he burrows down in it and loves it so much. So far, the 3 nights they have slept in their bunks, there have been no falling outs! However, the first night, after about 2 min of closing the door, we heard little Jack calling, "DREEEEW, DREEEEEW, DREEEEEW..." So John went in and there was Jack with his noggin hanging off the edge of his bed looking up trying to get Drew's attention. Drew was probably talking just as much, he just knows the importance of keeping it under wraps so mom & dad won't hear. Jack has a lot to learn!

The baby will be in the nursery--which is the room we just moved Jack out of. With Jack's arrival we were able to completely decorate it with a new scheme since Drew had grown with the room he started out in. So brown & green & cream was Jack's room. Since this one is also a boy, we didn't need to completely redo the scheme and we certainly didn't want to paint the walls just for the sake of decor. But I felt the desire to make it unique for this baby. So I have added some color in the form of decorations. Here is the new color scheme:

a circle mobile
almost finished.

the inspiration for the colors.

I picked up this little bookshelf on the side of the road because Jack's board books were overflowing beyond control. Then I had this idea for the baby's room to paint and decorate a scene inside the shelf to play in. I painted it and used Martha Stewart paper for the images. Then decoupaged the whole thing with mod podge.

Didn't really for-see GI Joe's in this...but you know, anything goes with a little imagination!

This is not a memory-in-the-making video or anything.
I would just like you to hear my 5 year-old's ability for endless chatter & make-up-your-own vocabulary...

WELL, I still have a nice long post I'd like to get in before the baby arrives. Once I get everything situated and photographed, hopefully I will. And it just dawned on me. I started this blog just before I had Jack---nearly 3 years ago! WOW! {click HERE to see what I pretty much look like now! Maybe I'll surprise with a current photo...but no promises!} :)

p.s. OK, I just looked at the preggy picture up close and I am DEFINITELY bigger right now than I was at one month left with Jack! So don't worry...I am b.i.g.


Carrie said...

Having 3 boys is just wonderful..and I did have my third on 9/9 and it would have been really cool for you to. So glad you are back to blogging although with the new one coming..maybe it will be a while again. I always love your ideas, colors and seeing pics of your beautiful family.

Chastity Gomez said...

I'm really glad you're back:) I'll be praying for your new little baby! And I LOVE the colors you picked out for the nursery! You are so creative!!

Ben and Carissa said...

Love it all! What a great idea with the bookshelf! l We have a bookshelf JUST like that one that I was just wondering what to do with. We moved it out of the boys room and it has no home! Thanks for a great idea! Can't wait to hear the baby news! I'll be checking!! Welcome back!

Tammy S. said...

I love it! The frog show was great. Can't wait to see pictures. Praying that delivery goes well.

sara's art house said...

Can't wait to see the circle mobile! God bless you as you are in labor! I will pray for a safe and fast delivery!