Friday, January 30, 2009

A Time for Everything

We received a phone call about John's great uncle Bill right before Christmas. They found something pretty severe and it wasn't looking good. It was brain cancer and he was going to start chemo right away. Well, he didn't make it much past new years. With great sadness, we were glad to be able to make it to the funeral down in NJ to see John's mom's family. It was a quick trip but well worth it. Perspective is priceless. 

Later that week I got a starbucks coffee, and this is was on my cup. I thought it was quite fitting.

The Way I See It #292

"The way we get to live forever is through memories stored in the hearts and souls of those whose lives we touch. That's our soul print. It's our comfort, our emotional nourishment at the end of the day and the end of a life. How wonderful that they are called up at will and savored randomly. It seems to me we should spend our lives in a conscious state of creating these meaningful moments that live one. Memories matter."   -Leeza Gibbons

Now I know there are some holes here in speaking of eternal matters, but what I liked most about it was the reminder of what "we" who are left have to hold on to. And how while we are here we are doing things that are burning those "soul prints" into the lives we touch.

Jack & his GGS (great grandpa stra)

Our sleeping quarters. 
Needless to say the boys had way too much fun and took way too long to fall asleep!

A picture of my beautiful mother-in-law from yesteryears.

Jack all dolled up. A picture of my mother-in-law and her sister hangs above.

At the catholic church for the funeral.  

So Jack and mommy had a little date in the foyer.

And thankfully, mommy had a little bag of mini m&m's.

And a pad of paper. And some hungry little friends as well.

So we kept ourselves occupied in a most magical way. 

All the while having a yummy little snack.

At the burial. Uncle Bill was in the army during WW2. He was a gunman in a tank and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. His military burial was so honorable.  

His flag for his wife.

A final goodbye. Something I will never forget. Tears fell unbridled. I hope I never forget this moment. We have but a lifetime. 

Even Jack knew there was something unique going on.

From generation to generation. (Drew & his Bop-Bop)

Uncle Bill was quite the artist. He drew this picture when he was only 6 years old. After the war he went to art school. He was a master doodler and creative writer with the most witty style. 

Back at the house. John's grandparents live in the Boardwalk neighborhood.

At the end of the sidewalk is the ocean.

So welcoming. 

A visit to Lucy the elephant before heading home.

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Tammy S. said...

I'm sorry about your Uncle, Jon. So wonderful to see the pictures and read about your holidays. Take care and thank you for posting Erin!