Friday, January 30, 2009

New Years with the Yarnells

I am officially coming back to bloggeville. I contemplated for these past few weeks and decided that I wasn't going to feel the least bit guilty nor worried about not blogging. Thus, the feeling got carried away and so did any posting with it! I guess you could say it's been a busy month in many, many ways. Trying to get back in the swing of life after the holidays always proves more strenuous than I ever anticipate. Not my forte. But here we are, back on track in many areas, and still some to go. Thus is my life. 

So with the happenings of this past month, I tried to compile them as you will see. 

Hope you are all well...better than I am! I have been so sick and between that and all the snow we've been getting I have not left the house in a whole week. Not kidding!!!

New Years with the Yarnells:

Sometimes traditions happen on their own. Before you realize it, the repeating of an event or celebration becomes nearly expected and when fulfilled, it is officially a tradition. Well, that is how our little get togethers with the Yarnell's have come about. There's usually a phone call, a "if you have nothing else going on...come on down" and there you have it. We have so much fun with them and they are SO GREAT with the kids! We have enjoyed our annual New Years celebration with them. 

Carrie's beautiful new china. 
She loves polka dots and they are so delicate.

"Miss Carrie" is a FABULOUS cook, right guys!!

Notice the colors in the background (which isn't quite the same in this pic). They did a lot of decorating since last time. 

A Recipe I  keep wanting to share with you that I made for our little New Years Eve bash:

1. Melt one bag each of chocolate chips and butterscotch chips in the microwave. Stir until mixed.

2. Combine one bag of mini marshmallows, one container of Chow Mein noodles and one can of cashew pieces. (do this first actually, or the chocolate will set up.)

3. Mix chocolate with the dry ingredients gradually (but quickly) until the dry ingredients are covered in chocolate. 

4. Scoop on a cookie sheet and chill. I use one of those cookie scoops which works great. Each cookie should be a round little pile. This makes a lot!!! 
(didn't count, but probably 4 dozen)

*sorry, forgot to take a finished product picture.

BOYS will be boys

This picture right here pretty much sums up our photo taking ability this trip. 

Thanks for our great toy, Mr. Brion!!!
Miss Carrie and Drew hard at work on a masterpiece.
Two peas in a pod!
The kitties!!! Jack would not leave the poor kitties alone. He LOVED them!

This was our New Years Eve party (+emily who is taking the picture).
This was in the beginning, when things were calm. Then we downed tons of sugar and caffeinated beverages and moved to the table where we brought out the games. THEN there was blood, my friends. Who knew this sweet looking group could get so competitive?? (Thankfully, it all happened while the boys were sleeping!)

L-R  Tommy & Kelly Ardnt, Me, Jack, John, Carrie, Drew, Brion, doggie (can't remember her name...)

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