Friday, January 30, 2009


We got a pet.

Well, sort of.

Meet SQUIRE...

This adorable rag-a-muffin opossum is our newest member.

And he travels with us.

He is full of inspiration and always brightens my day when I see him or give him a squeeze. 

He's quiet. Gets along great with the kids. Completely complies and best yet, cleans up after himself!

Isn't he the cutest??? Another perk is that he has a long, skinny rubber tail. This has proven useful in many ways!

SHE made him and I got him half price at our museum store's closing sale. Her studio is right here in town & awhile back she held a craft fair of sorts in her old church-basement studio that a friend and I went to. It was fabulous. Her stuff is so...tactile. I love it. She had HUGE bins full of color coordinated wool sweater scraps. 

OK. On to the rest of the inspiration. Sorry most of this is Christmasy, but it was New Years so everything was still out. Moravian Book Store is our favorite shop to visit while at Brion & Carrie's. It's web site claims this: The Moravian Book Shop, founded in 1745, is the oldest continually-operating bookstore in the world! It is located in the heart of Historic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It is like an endless bookstore. It starts out as a stationary store, then merges to a cafe/bakery, then on to the children's boutique, the book section, and ends with an upscale gift store. It's so much fun to peruse! Here are some things that caught my eye:

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Rachel said...

looks amazing!! I am going to make plans to go with my sister next date we get to take. It's not that far from me at all!